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Sarka 120

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Sarka 120
Category Vehicles > Ground
Seats 4
Capacity 300 Slots (300x)
Top Speed 125 kph
Noise Very Loud
Fuel Tank N/A L
Locations Towns and Cities
Rarity Rare
Variants None

The Sarka 120 or Sarka 120 is a vehicle in DayZ Standalone which was implemented in Update 1.05. It handles well on road like the Sedan, but since it has only 4 gears, it is slow, able to achieve an average speed of ~100kph on flat roads.

Unlike all other cars in-game, the Sarka’s engine is in the rear, as is the battery and spark plug. The radiator is still in the front. It’s inventory holds 300 slots, same to other vehicles.

It comes in 3 colours: Dark Red, Yellow and Light Green (That one is painfully ugly).

Setup & Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Engine Parts:[edit | edit source]

Spark Plug x1

Car Radiator x1

Car Battery x1

Sarka 120 Wheels x4

Fluids:[edit | edit source]

Water: About 1/4th of a Jerry can 4 Canteens or something like 5-6 Plastic bottles.

Gasoline: About 1-2 Gas cans will fill it up (Not like it sucks any up anyways)

As of 1.0 Motor Oil is not required

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Sarka 120 performed very well on road being able to take most turns at 80-100 kph and is generally very well grounded (except when the server has very high ping) It can get to around 120 kph Max but stays at about 90-100kph on most roads.

Where to find it and its parts[edit | edit source]

Chernarus: The Sarka on Chernarus is usually found around coastal areas mostly in towns and cities unless moved by another player. Most parts found in industrial areas (as of 1.06 however car wrecks have been added in 1.07 where wheels and parts will are found easily)

Livonia: The Sarka is a bit harder to find on Livonia because of the lack of large towns and cites I most commonly find them further south in cites like Nadbor, Radunin, and Rostoka

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Sarka 120 is modeled after real-life Czechoslovak Škoda 120/125/130 produced in various versions between 1983-1990.