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This page contains information about an asset or historical reference dating back to Operation Flashpoint (2001), Bohemia Interactive's first game, which is incorporated into DayZ's lore or gameplay.
The information on this page may not be part of the game's current version, as it may have been removed but is still documented here.

Commissar Statue
Статуя Комиссара
"Commissar Statue"
CommissarStatue map.png
CategoryLocations > Unmarked
Coordinates037 120
CommissarStatue 5a.jpg
A View of Commissar Statue

The Commissar Statue is a monument that appears in three different locations across Chernarus, and the very first use of this statue was located in the forest north of Balota.

General[edit | edit source]

Before the release of 0.60, the identity of the man on the statue was a mystery. There are a number of different theories as to how this statue came to be in the middle of the woods north of Komarovo, this statue commemorates the rogue Soviet general known as Aleksei Vasilii Guba from the Operation Flashpoint series, which connects the Arma universe to the DayZ universe. His name is shown on the plaque, mounted on the bottom of the statue at Chernogorsk and at the center of the Tisy Military Base.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • The very first statue can be found in the woods directly north of the town of Komarovo near the south-west corner of Chernarus (shown on the map on this page).
  • The second Statue can be found close to the city center of Chernogorsk.
  • The third statue is located in the middle of the Tisy military Compound in the north-west corner of Chernarus

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