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The Chernarus Police Department or simply the Police Force of Chernarus was a state-run pre-outbreak organisation. Many items and locations on the map are reminiscent of the police.

Chernarus also had a special police force called OREL.

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Chernarus Police Department
Flag of the Chernarus Police Department
Emblem of the Chernarus Police Department

The police were running multiple Police Stations all over Chernarus. In addition many Police Cars can be found around those stations or abandoned on the streets.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Police equipment is one of the most valuable loot on the map because of its military usages. Police stations and cars are very likely to spawn weapons, vests and other usefull loot.

Standard issue clothing[edit | edit source]

The Police Baton was probably also part of their equipment.

OREL Special Force[edit | edit source]

Prisoner Uniform[edit | edit source]

Although not worn by the police themselves, these items were worn by their prisoners and were issued by the CPD.

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