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The popularity of DayZ Mod has meant several 3rd party maps have been released by the community that adds to the already extensive mod. All maps listed here can be downloaded via DayZ Commander.

Mod:Namalsk[edit | edit source]

Namalsk is an Unofficial map for DayZ. It is largely a barren wasteland with little life. It has only one city, in the north; Vorkuta. It has an abundance of military spawns. It also has custom spawns and items. New items include Broken Radio's and GPS's, G36 Variants, more AK and M4 variants as well as Makarov SD's.

It contains additional creatures, experimental weapons and additional weather effects.

Mod:Celle[edit | edit source]

Celle is based on a real-life location based on the same name, located in Germany. It contains nearly 40 towns and villages, with a river intersecting the southern end of the map. It has two airfields, located north east and south east of the map.

Mod:Fallujah[edit | edit source]

Fallujah is a map consisting of a Large city in the middle of the map and an airfield at the south east. The airfield contains 28 Barracks and up to 10 Helicopter spawns. The City itself contains an industrial park with 12 Large industrial buildings. The city consists of small residential areas and supermarkets scattered around the city. Although there are only three hospitals in the city there are two other on the west of the city. Players will head straight to the airfield for high-grade military loot, so staying near the outside of the city near the airfield is not recommended for early players.

Mod:Isla Duala[edit | edit source]

Duala is a fictional 56km2 (10x10km map) island, designed for Arma 2 and ported over to DayZ. The map features a large island, with a multitude of smaller islands surrounding the mainland. It features a large number of towns/industrial areas, open savannas and three airfields. The main island is intersected by a river.

Mod:Lingor Island[edit | edit source]

Lingor Island is a South-American inspired tropical map used on unofficial DayZ servers. Lingor Island is slightly smaller than Chernarus. Where Chernarus is 14x12, Lingor Island is 10x10. Additionally, there is a much higher concentration of military grade(General Military, Barracks, Heli Crash Site) loot.

Mod:Utes[edit | edit source]

Utes is an Arma 2 island which is fairly small in size. It suits PvP combat particularly well. It contains a single airfield, three baracks and two hangars in the center of the island. A small township can be found on the coast. This map also contains an LHD Carrier to the extreme south west, but is inaccessible due to lack of vehicles/aircraft.

Mod:Panthera[edit | edit source]

Panthera is a fictional island map. It features 4 airfields, large valleys and mountains and various changes to the vehicles

Mod:Taviana[edit | edit source]

Taviana is a dual island map, connected by a long road bridge. It features several snow covered hills, including two inactive volcanos, large townships and supporting farmlands. It contains two large airfields and several marinas around the coasts of the islands.

Mod:Thirsk[edit | edit source]

Thirsk is a fictional island based in Northern Finland. It contains 5 individual islands, 4 military bases and 2 airports. Despite its size, it only contains two villages and large amounts of forested areas.

Mod:Zargabad[edit | edit source]

Zargabad has been ported to DayZ from Arma 2. It is approximately 70 square km of desert, with a large town in the center surrounded by a North to South river.

Mod:Oring[edit | edit source]

Oring is a Custom Map which was created for Arma 2. The map has a beautiful tropical Island setting which includes different vegetation zones and three small neighboring Islands. It features 4 airfields, a number of bunkers, canyons and many more features. The developers have placed a number of unique surprises on the map. It also includes a variety of custom weapons that are not featured anywhere else. These include such weapons as the P88 Pistol, FW Stiener Shotgun and MG1 Machine Gun.

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