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Category Food and Drink > Drinks
Size 4 Slots (2x2)
Weight 250 g
Absorbency 0%
Contains 1000 mL
Nutritional Values
Energy 0 kcal
Water 1000 mL
Stomach 1 mL
Nutritional Index 75
Toxicity -10
Locations All Locations
Rarity Rare
Variants None
A reusable plastic bottle used by military and campers. Can be filled with various liquids. — In-game description

The Canteen is a portable source of drinking water that survivors can use to replenish their thirst. They can be refilled at Water Pumps or any source of water. Be careful though because some water sources aren’t clean. So you must use tetracycline in order to purify it, or risk getting cholera. Alternatively, water can also be collected during rain events, and rain water is considered clean. They can also be filled with gasoline. It can be attached to a belt.