Brain Prion Disease

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Brain Prion Disease
Type Disease
Symptoms Random outbursts of laughter,
Causes Cannibalism
Prevention Avoid consuming human meat
Treatment Death

Brain Prion Disease: AKA: 'The Giggles' or more commonly 'Kuru' is an incurable neuro-degenerative disease in DayZ Standalone.

Virulence[edit | edit source]

Progression High How quickly a disease grows and spreads in an infected host.
Infectiousness None The ease at which a disease can spread from one Survivor to another.
Resistance No Effect A disease's resistance to antibiotics.
Potency Extremely Potent A disease's resistance and ability to fight the host's immune system.

Cause:[edit | edit source]

Survivors in DayZ Standalone can become infected with abnormally folded proteins (Prion Proteins) that cause Brain Prion Disease either by:

  1. Consuming (un)cooked Human Steak or (un)cooked Fat harvested from Survivors corpses.
  2. Drinking water from a Pump or pond with with bloody hands after skinning a Survivor corpse.

Once infected: this infection will result in Brain Prion Disease and the symptoms below.

Symptoms:[edit | edit source]

  1. Tremors - resulting in shaky hands whilst aiming down sights of weapons.
  2. Random outbursts of laughter, audible to other nearby players.

Prevention:[edit | edit source]

  • Avoid the consumption of (un)cooked Human Steak and/or Fat from Survivors where possible.
  • Do not eat Raw or Cooked Fat if you are not sure of the origin.
    • Be wary of players offering you these food items without verifying the source.
  • Wash hands clean of blood after Skinning Survivors before eating or drinking non-Human products, especially with bare hands.
    • Wear Gloves in the first place when skinning Survivor corpses to prevent contamination.
  • Cooking the Human Steak or Survivor Fat first does not prevent contracting BPD.

Treatment:[edit | edit source]

Brain Prion Disease is incurable. Once infected, a survivor will retain visible and audible symptoms until death.