Black Lake

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Black Lake
Черное Озеро
"Black Lake"
BlackLake map.png
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates133 033
BlackLake 5e.jpg
A View of Black Lake

Perhaps one of the more beautiful bodies of water in Chernarus, Black Lake is a twin-kidney-shaped lake in the northeast section of the map south of Olsha and Svetlojarsk, and just a short distance west from the coast. To the southeast is the bay of Rify, and to the immediate south is its neighbor Willow Lake.

General[edit | edit source]

Black Lake is almost entirely surrounded by cliffs, partially formed by the rock formations of Blunt Rocks, and is very hard to see from the surrounding area due to it's elevation. This, combined with a lack of buildings or loot, makes it a seldom-trafficked area of the game and therefore very secluded as well. The area is gorgeous, and if ever there were a quiet place to sit down and read a book in the game, this might be it.

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