Bird Archipelago

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Bird Archipelago
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates120 121
BirdArchipelago 1a.jpg
A View of Bird Archipelago

The Bird Archipelago is an unofficial name for a group of islands off the southern coast of Kamyshovo. This chain consist of four islands: Otmel, Swan Island, Gull Island, and "The Nest". Only Otmel spawns loot in any form. Due to the inaccessibility of these islands (only Otmel is reachable without swimming), they are considered relatively safe sniper spots with grass and rocks to hide among and trees to retreat into if discovered.

Otmel[edit | edit source]

Otmel is the largest of the islands and the farthest west. It is also the only one with any buildings. For more, see: Otmel.

Swan Island[edit | edit source]

Swan Island is the unofficial name of the southermost isle. It provides a good view of the southern side of Kamyshovo and is thus regarded as a good location for snipers.

Gull Island[edit | edit source]

Gull Island is the unofficial name of the easternmost island. This island has the best view of the road and railroad east of Kamyshovo and often gets used as an outpost by players guarding the town, or as a sniper spot by bandits.

"The Nest"[edit | edit source]

"The Nest" is a tiny island located west of Gull Island and north of Swan Island. Barely more than a rocky extension of Gull Island, the Nest provides a very limited amount of cover (a few bushes and some rocks) and is not considered a very good position to hold Kamyshovo from without backup on the other isles and/or the mainland.