Bay Zelenaya

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Bay Zelenaya
Бyхта Зеленая
"Green Bay"
BayZelenaya map.png
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates113 123
Bay zelena.png
A View of Bay Zelenaya

Zelenaya is a highly-trafficked stretch of coastline known for its islands.

General[edit | edit source]

This bay is located between Kamyshovo and Elektrozavodsk on the southern coast of Chernarus.

The bay is home to a total of five islands, including Drakon and Otmel. The other three are smaller and do not contain loot, but still provide a good view of Kamyshovo. Zelenaya is also next to Skalisty Island and its bay of Skalisty Proliv.

Gallery[edit | edit source]