Bay Tikhaya

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Bay Tikhaya
Бyхта Тихая
"Calm Bay"
BayTikhaya map.png
CategoryLocations > Landscape
Coordinates013 132
Bay Tik 3.png
A View of Bay Tikhaya

Due to the fact that it is relatively out-of-the-way for most travelers, Bay Tikhaya is not well known and does not see much traffic. It is actually past the point of the last road that heads north, and offers very little incentive for exploration besides amazing views and a run-down grocery store and Gas Stations.

The Bay and its few buildings are considered the "last stop" before the western edge of the map, and venturing beyond this area is not recommended due to the unpredictable nature of the edge of the map. Some decently tall mountains sit behind the Bay and form a natural border for Chernarus.

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