Balota Airstrip

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Balota Airstrip
Аэродром в Балоте
Balota Airstrip
BalotaAirstrip map.png
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Coordinates049 129
A View of Balota Airstrip

Balota Airstrip, otherwise known as the SouthWest AirField (SWAF), is a small airstrip which lies directly next to the town of Balota, on the south-western coast of Chernarus.

The Airstrip, prior to beta 0.63, consisted of a military ATC Tower and two Hangars, though these have since been replaced with newer structures.

It is one of the best locations to gear up quickly on the coast, but can be often targeted by bandits and is ransacked at regular intervals. Players looking for loot should also note that the wall separating the town and the airfield contains many holes, which is a viable tactic for players looking to get geared up without exposing themselves in the middle of the airstrip.

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  • Previously, the western end of the airstrip contained three Barracks buildings, but as of 0.49 these buildings are now only ruins.
  • A large military camp also occupied the south side of the airstrip until it was removed in 0.49 and replaced with woodland.
  • In 0.63, Balota was converted into a civilian airstrip. The ATC Tower, Hangars and Military Prison are all removed and replaced by civilian structures, including temporary military facilities such as tents and fortified nests. The concrete airstrip was also replaced with a dirt and gravel runway, making it more difficult to spot players on the airfield.