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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Backpack

Backpacks are equippable items that can be used to expand a survivor's carrying capacity. Survivors with a backpack can carry more supplies and weapons, thus greatly improving chances of survival. A few backpacks are able to be crafted, but most have to be obtained through looting.

When equipped, a backpack provides extra inventory slots in addition to the slots contributed by a player's clothing. There are several types of backpacks, varying in size, with the smallest of these having 8 slots and the largest having 40 slots. Large backpacks are necessary to carry an extra primary weapon or other large sized item.

Backpacks also have damage states like any other equipment, and due to this property items inside may be damaged when the backpack takes damage. Damage states, however, do not affect the backpack's ability to contain items.

Ghillie equipment including the Ghillie Suit, Ghillie Bushrag, and Ghillie Top, are technically backpacks with no inventory capacity. They are instead listed on the Clothing article to avoid confusion.

List of Available Backpacks[edit | edit source]

Sorted by smallest to biggest capacity, reading left-right.

Comparison Table[edit | edit source]

Backpack Capacity Notes
Smersh Backpack 8 Slots (4x2)
Child Briefcase 12 Slots (4x3)
Improvised Courier Bag 12 Slots (3x4) Craftable
Leather Courier Bag 16 Slots (4x4) Craftable
Improvised Backpack 20 Slots (4x5) Craftable
Taloon Backpack 20 Slots (4x5)
Improvised Leather Backpack 25 Slots (5x5) Craftable
Assault Backpack 28 Slots (4x7)
Drybag 28 Slots (4x7) Waterproof
Leather Sack 28 Slots (4x7) Craftable
Hunting Backpack 30 Slots (5x6)
SPOSN Tortilla Backpack 32 Slots (4x8) Waterproof
Coyote Backpack 35 Slots (5x7)
Mountain Backpack 35 Slots (5x7)
ALICE Backpack 40 Slots (5x8)

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