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Category Food and Drink > Other
Size 6 Slots (2x3)
Weight 500 g
Absorbency 30%
Nutritional Values
Energy 900 kcal
Water 0 mL
Stomach 2.5 mL
Nutritional Index 1
Toxicity 0
Locations Obtained from Animals
Rarity N/A
Variants Raw, Baked, Boiled, Burned
A chunk of fat, good for cooking purposes. It can catch fire quickly, though. — In-game description

Fat is an item that can be obtained from most animals by skinning and quartering them with a Knife after they have been killed. It can be consumed as a food, and can also can be used to craft a Torch.

It can be baked over a Fireplace using a Long Wooden Stick or a Cooking Pot in order to make it safer to eat and easier to preserve.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Wooden Stick.png
Improvised Torch.png
Ammo SharpStick.png
Improvised Torch.png

Nutritional Information[edit | edit source]

Poison.jpg WARNING: Consuming burned or rotten food will make you sick.

Name Energy Water Stomach Nutr. Index Toxicity Size
Raw Fat 900 kcal 0 ml 2.5 ml 1 0 6 Slots (2x3)
Rotten Fat 675 kcal 0 ml 2 ml 1 0 6 Slots (2x3)
Baked Fat 1575 kcal 0 ml 1.75 ml 1 0 6 Slots (2x3)
Boiled Fat 1125 kcal 0 ml 1.5 ml 1 0 6 Slots (2x3)
Dried Fat 900 kcal 0 ml 0.75 ml 1 0 6 Slots (2x3)
Burned Fat 675 kcal 0 ml 2 ml 1 0 6 Slots (2x3)