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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:ATC Tower

ATC Tower
Land Mil ATC Big.png
Tags Military East, Military West
Floors 4 (Small), 6 (Big)
Entrances 2 (Small), 5 (Big)

ATC Towers (Air Traffic Control Towers) are military buildings specific to airfields. In Chernarus, one single Big ATC is located at the International Airfield.

Bandits with sniper rifles will often occupy ATCs as sniper nests due to their elevation and scope of view that they provide with their windowed floor. Caution is recommended.

Big ATC[edit | edit source]

The Big ATC is larger and taller in profile than its Small counterpart, and provides increased sightlines, elevation and Military loot spawns. It's ground floor has storage rooms, a workshop, a recreational room and a garage. The intermediate floors contain large outdated radio and radar equipment. The top floor contains offices, with access to the windowed control room above. A ladder outside the room provides access to the its roof. A set of ladders allows access to the control room from the ground floor outside.

Small ATC[edit | edit source]

The Small ATCs are likely to be the most recognised of the two variants. They have been present in the game since Early Access release, and were present at Balota Airstrip, Krasnostav Airstrip and the International Airfield. They had a single double-door entrance to three floors. A ladder runs from the ground to the windowed control floor, and another ladder allows access to the control floor's roof.

As of Beta, they have been removed from the two former airstrips (replaced with the Civilian Airport Complex), and the latter was replaced with the Big ATC.

A small ATC.

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