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Category Assault Rifle
Size 18 Slots (6x3)
Weight 3077 g
Cartridge 5.56mm Rounds
Repairable With Weapon Cleaning Kit
Fire Modes Automatic
Rate of Fire Medium
Dexterity 2.75
Recoil High
Noise Medium
Absorbency 10%
Hit 8.0
Health -200
Blood -500
Shock 500
Shock (Head Shot) 20000
Bleed Chance 200%
Magazines 30Rnd AK101 Mag
Buttstocks AK Wooden Buttstock
AK Folding Buttstock
AK Polymer Buttstock
AK-74 Wooden Buttstock
AKS-74U Buttstock
Handguards AK Wooden Handguard
AK Handguard Plastic
AK Handguard Rail
AK-74 Wooden Handguard
Optics PSO-1 Scope
PSO-1-1 Scope
Kashtan C-1 Scope
Suppressors Suppressor East
Improvised Suppressor
Illumination Weapon Flashlight
Bipods ATLAS Bipod
Wraps Ghillie Gun Wrap
Location Military West
Rarity Very Rare
Variants None
Colors Standard, Black, Green

An assault rifle of the Kalashnikov series designed for the world export market. It is designed with modern and composite materials, including plastics that reduce weight and improve accuracy. The disassembly procedure for the AK-101 is identical to that of the AK-74. The AK-101 has an attachment rail installed on the side of the receiver for mounting scopes and other optical sights, which will accept most types of Russian and European AK optics. The AK-101 has a 415 mm (16.3 in) barrel with an AK-74 style muzzle brake attached to the barrel to control muzzle climb.

The AK101 is an export version of the AK-74 that uses 5.56mm ammo.

NOTE: As of Version 1.0.150000 the AK101 is not spawning on vanilla servers and any data regarding it may be obsolete.

Attachments[edit | edit source]

The AK101 has many attachments with various purposes, these parts may commonly be found in military installations and buildings. One proven location is International Airfield military prison and barracks.

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