7rd Kolt 1911 Mag

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7rd Kolt 1911 Mag
Version 1.0
Category Magazines
Cartridge .45 ACP Rounds
Used In Kolt 1911 / Engraved
Repairable With Gun Cleaning Kit
Size 2 Slots (1x2)
Weight 68 g (0.15 lb)
Capacity 7 Rounds
Absorbency 10%
Locations Town, Village
Rarity Rare
Detachable box magazine for Kolt 1911 pistol. Holds up to 7 rounds of .45 ACP. — In-game description

The 7rd Kolt 1911 Mag is a firearm magazine in DayZ. It is only usable in the Kolt 1911 pistol, and its Engraved variant.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before v1.06, the 7rd Kolt 1911 Mag was named the 7Rnd 1911 Magazine.
  • The magazine and its relevant weapons were removed in v0.63 with the introduction of the new player controller. They were reintroduced in v1.06.