30Rnd STANAG (Coupled)

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30Rnd STANAG (Coupled)
30Rnd STANAG coupled.png
Category Magazines > Rifle
Size 9 Slots (3x3)
Capacity 60 Rounds (5.56mm)
Weapon(s) M4-A1, AUG
Weight 180 g
Absorbency 10%
Locations Military West
Rarity Not Currently Spawning
Colours None
Variants Single, Coupled
2 x 30Rnd STANAG magazine coupled. — In-game description

The 30Rnd STANAG (Coupled) is a firearm magazine in DayZ Standalone.

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  • The in-game version of this method of coupling is incorrect and impossible, as the object acts as a single 60 round magazine, rather than two magazines with 30 rounds and a short interchanging time.