12ga 00 Buckshots

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12ga 00 Buckshots
Ammo 12gaPellets.png
Category Ammunition > Firearm Ammunition
Weapon(s) BK-133
Loose Ammo
Size 1 Slot
Stack Limit 10 Shells
Weight 28 g
Box of Ammo
Size 1 Slot
Contents 10 Shells
Weight 285 g
Locations Civilian, Hunting, Police, Military East, Military West
Rarity Common
Variants Buckshot, Slug
12ga 00 buck shell with 8 pellets. Used in shotguns. — In-game description

12ga 00 Buckshots are a type of ammunition in DayZ Standalone. They are found individually, packed in boxes, or pre-loaded in magazines. Empty the box to receive 10 usable 12ga 00 Buckshot rounds.

The buckshot shells are filled with 8 smaller lead pellets. When fired, the pellets spread out in a spray pattern increasing your area of effect. This results in a great chance of hitting your target and enables you the ability to hit multiple targets. The disadvantage is it decreases your damage and range compared to a single projectile.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening can be seen on the left side of the box.
  • The name and design of the box seems to be a parody of American ammunition brand Hornady. This company also has a product line named Critical Defense.