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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Servers

The Servers are the computers that host DayZ_Standalone. Servers are maintained by Bohemia Interactive Studios and by contractors retained by BIS. They are several types of servers used and distributed across the real world.

Although DayZ Standalone is only in alpha, thousands of public servers already exist for players to use. DayZ servers are all connected to a central database called the 'Hive', which is responsible for remembering character data and allowing players to use their same survivor on different servers. Although not implemented in the alpha, items like vehicles and tents are not saved to the hive, and therefore not persistent across servers.

Joining servers[edit]

Server Naming Convention[edit]

There is a generally accepted naming format for servers. Formatting them this way makes it easier to digest information about the server's settings and location at a glance. Current naming format:

DayZ <City/State/Province> <Server Number> (<Difficulty/Settings/Other Info>) <DayZ Version Number> - hosted by <Server Host>


  • City/State Province - In the US, usually this will contain the city. In other locations, it may contain a country name or territory name.
  • Server Number - This number is used to distinguish between other servers that may have nearly identical information. More often than not, the number is somewhere between 1 and 9999, and is randomly chosen.
  • Difficulty/Settings/Other Info - Contains information regarding server settings. In the DayZ mod, there were difficulty levels implemented, and this was the place to put them. In the event that something similar is implemented for the Standalone, that kind of information should be placed here. Other pertinent info can also be listed here, but it's best to keep it short.
  • DayZ Version Number - The build number for the version of DayZ that is running on the server. It's very important to update this number whenever a server does an update, because it helps players see which servers are running older versions of the game.
  • Server Host - Servers which are hosted using 3rd party services are sometimes required to place the "hosted by Company X" tag at the end of the server title, mostly as a form of advertisement.


DayZ US 293 (Public/Veteran, First Person, 24hr day cycle) v113772 - hosted by SuperServers

Types of Servers[edit]

All servers in DayZ Standalone are connected to a Hive. A Hive is the database for all the characters. There are three types of servers run on public hive, private shard, and private hive.

  • A public hive are the common servers, connected to the central database, run and operated by BIS.
  • A private shard operates on a separate shard of the central database (run by the devs), this allows communities to have their own private servers without it affecting the main hive and without giving server owners direct access to the database. The system is also flexible enough so that a group of servers could run on this shard of the hive too (or just one single server). This gives the best of both having a database and having a private community, without those private communities affecting the main database. Players would only be able to jump between servers on that private shard.[1]
  • A private hive uses the servers own private database not managed by BIS, so an admin can do whatever they want with the database. This is what we had in the mod and why admins could spawn in loot, change loot tables, see player locations etc as all that information is in the database which they controlled.[1]

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