Offroad Pickup Truck

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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Offroad Pickup Truck
Offroad Pickup Truck
Vehicle offroad-pickup.jpg
Seats 2
Item Slots 50
Weapon Slots 10
Backpack Slots 2
Top Speed On-road 110 KM/H
Top Speed Off-road 48 KM/H
Tank Capacity 100L
Range 55KM(?)
Armament No
Location(s) Where:
  • Beside a house near the southern factory area
  • In a gated/fenced-off area on the west-side of Prigorodky
  • In the large sheet-metal building in Dolina
  • On the road near Pass Oreshka (GR: 099094)
  • At a set of barns West of Zelenogorsk (GR: 017102)
  • Next to the firestation in Elektrozavodsk
  • Next to brown un-enterable building on eastern side of Myshkino.
Rarity Rare (3-4 per server)

To completely repair (green status) a broken (red status) Offroad Pickup you will need:

Part Amount
Scrap Metal 1
Fuel Tank Parts 1
Engine Parts 1
Wheel 4
Windscreen Glass 4

You may also need a Jerry Can to fill it up.

The Toyota Hilux is a truck in Chernarus.