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CategoryEquipment > Other
Size4 Slots (2x2)
Location(s)Can only be crafted
"The basic mix you need to start a fire place. Mixture of pieces of paper and dry brushwood that makes it easy to start a fire."
— In-game description

A Fireplace is a craftable structure. Once lit, it can be used to cook food and provide warmth and light to any nearby survivors. Be aware, standing too close to the fire will cause you harm, which will be indicated by the messages "I am burning" and "my face is melting".

How It Works:[edit]

To start a fire you'll need a Campfire Kit, firewood for fuel and matches to lite up the fire:

  • A Fireplace Kit can be crafted by combining wooden sticks and either a bandage or a rag. Once a Campfire Kit is crafted, it may be placed placed anywhere on the ground.
  • At least one Firewood is required. Adding firewood is done through the inventory screen, by placing it into one of the fireplace free slots. You can also upgrade the fireplace into an oven by adding stones, but its not fully implemented at the moment (v0.49).
  • Ignite the fire by holding a Matchbox and lighting it up. How easy it is to start a fire depends on weather conditions such as wind strength and rain. Starting a fire in wind and/or rain will result in added difficulty in doing so successfully, and may also cause your fire to stop burning.

Cooking with a Fireplace[edit]

  • There are various types of Meat, that can be cooked, see Cooking
  • You can put all kinds of Raw Meat through the "Vicinity" window in the lower slots of your cooking device.
  • After you've put your Meat there, the Item Slot slowly becomes rose, light red and finally red.
  • When you've waited for about 5 minutes, your Raw Meat will turn into a Cooked Meat, drag it into your inventory again.
  • When you've waited too long or haven't kept your Meat in sight, the Meat will become burned and will make you Sick when eaten.


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