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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Elektrozavodsk

"Electrical Machinery Factory"
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Coordinates103 132
Elektrozavodsk 4a.jpg
View on Elektrozavodsk from Drakon Island

Elektrozavodsk (pronunciation), or "Elektro" for short, is a large city located on the southern coast of Chernarus, east of Chernogorsk. Many building types are located here, and it is a source of high activity.

The name derives from "Electric/Industrial Factory" in Russian.

Threat Level[edit]

As of patch 0.47.124641 Elektrozavodsk's threat level increased slightly.


Elektrozavodsk is the home to majority of fire fights in DayZ. It's variety of loot spawns, and it's proximity to spawn points like Kamyshovo and Solnichniy have made it a priority target for new spawns to get to in attempt to get gear. This, as a result has seen a large population of bandits start inhabiting the area. There are select areas that are more dangerous than others. This is due to the layout of the city itself, where majority of the priority loot spawns are clustered together. The Police Station, Hospital and School are all on the same block. There are also two Fire Stations in Elektrozavodsk making both dangerous places. The above places are where most of the fire fights breakout. The other major threat is on 'Sniper Hill'. It is located directly east of the school, and provides sniping onto the Police Station, School, Hospital, Market and North-most Fire Station. This is however the only true sniping point outside of the city. People should be cautious of two other locations. The hill's north of Elektrozavodsk are a popular thoroughfare for people avoiding conflict. And the Factory located just outside of the city on the east-bound highway, it is a popular staging point for larger groups of bandits. The most dangerous places are:

  • The Police Station
  • Super Markets
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Fire Stations
  • Hospital and School
  • Hillsides on the north and east of the city
  • Factory Complex just outside Elektrozavodsk on the east-bound highway.


As of patch 0.47.124641 multiple zombie types have been introduced. They are all as dangerous as each other. However Zombie threat levels are determined by the environment, how many non-aggro spawns the zombies start with and how easy it is to lose a pursuing zombie. Being a major city, Elektrozavodsk spawns a lot of standing zombies. This in turn makes approaching it, even on an empty server problematic. There is a lot of cover for crawler zombies to sneak up on the player, as well as lots of cover for sound generated spawns to spawn behind. Like most cities in the current version of DayZ (0.47.124641) it is possible to get swarmed with more then five or six zombies at a time. Elektrozavodsk puts you at less risk of being flushed out of cover by zombies, and more at risk of the zombies themselves, there is a lot of clutter in Elektrozavodsk making it far easier for zombies to get the jump on players and get a hit or two in before any action can be taken. In these regards it is far more dangerous to new (unarmed) players.

Buildings of Interest[edit]


Elektro is no longer a spawn point for Survivors

The city has an Office Building, a Hospital, a church, and two Fire Stations all within a short distance of the northeast part of the city. Since all of these major loot spots are located close together, players are much more concentrated in one area than in other cities such as Chernogorsk.

The large hill to the east of the city is a prime spot for Bandits. It is best to stay out of sight of this hill when near the major loot buildings to avoid being sniped. On the other hand, it is an excellent place to find military-grade loot, as the bandits there will often be heavily armed if you choose to engage them.

The Fire Station will spawn military Loot which will give you a good chance of getting a strong Weapon early into the game. Don't loiter around after looting the city because it is a very high traffic area and your chance of dying is relatively high if you're not careful.

Directly north of the city is a Power Plant that has its own good loot as well.

Aerial Shot[edit]

Aerial shot of Elektrozavodsk South/West Aerial shot of Elektrozavodsk North/East


Elektrozavodsk 3a.jpg
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  • Elektrozavodsk has been modeled after the real world town of Povrly, Czech Republic.