The following is a list of people involved the development of DayZ Standalone. It is important to note that development of the game is not limited to the people whose names you see below -- DayZ Standalone is worked on by several connected teams at Bohemia Interactive that include dozens of people. Additionally, given their common parent company, they share some resources in the form of assets, programming, and more with their sister product Arma III.



Senior LeadershipEdit

Game DesignEdit

World DesignEdit

  • Senior Level Designer / Environment Artist - Arseny Smirnov
  • Level Designer - Adam Franců



Gameplay ProgrammersEdit

  • Lead - Miroslav (Mirek) Maněna
  • Programmer - Adrian Turcanu

Engine Programmers (Enfusion)Edit

  • Lead Programmer - Filip (Fido) Doksanský
  • Programmer - Volodymyr Syvochka

Quality Assurance (QA)Edit

  • Team Lead - Ondrej Klima

Creative Direction & ConsultingEdit

  • Creative Director - Ivan Buchta (Chernarus+)
  • Lead Programmer - Martin Slavkov