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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Chernogorsk
"Black Hill"
Chernogorsk map.png
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Coordinates067 127
Chernogorsk 3b.jpg
View on Chernogorsk from South-East

Chernogorsk (pronunciation), or "Cherno" for short, is the single largest city in Chernarus. It is located on the southern coast, and due to its size, is inhabited by many players and Zombies. Chernogorsk is one of the most populated places on the map and, as such, is a risky place for newly spawned players. Snipers will often hide on rooftops or on the hills north of the city and attack unwitting players due to the high traffic through the area. Cherno has two of the Hospitals in the game, as well as many Residential and Industrial buildings. There is a Fire Station in the western part of the city, near the church and Supermarket.

In real life Chernogorsk is a town in the Republic of Khakassia, Russia. Population: 72,117

Threat Level[edit]

As of patch 0.47.124641 Chernogorsk's threat level has decreased slightly.


Bandit's have always been in high numbers in Chernogorsk due to it's close proximity to the Balota Airfield and Tent loot spawns. However as of patch 0.47.124641 bandit numbers have decreased for two reasons. Chernogorsk has developed a reputation and such people avoid it. But mostly it is due to a large portion of new spawn locations moving inland and to the east coast. Chernogorsk has seen most of it's conflict migrate to the nearby city of Elektrozavodsk. This is mostly due to Chernogorsk having less loot spawns to warrant the risk. And that Elektrozavodsk has far less high sniping points. Sniping is what made Chernogorsk notorious, it has four major sniping points. One from the Construction site, one from the Fire Station, another from the tall silo building in north most Chernogorsk with blue silo's on the top, and lastly the larget building in the city. Also the highest point. The most dangerous places are:

  • The Police Station
  • Super Markets
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Fire Stations
  • Snipers on the tower silo's
  • Open areas


As of patch 0.47.124641 multiple zombie types have been introduced. They are all as dangerous as each other. However Zombie threat levels are determined by the environment, how many non-aggro spawns the zombies start with and how easy it is to lose a pursuing zombie. Being a major city, Chernogorsk spawns a lot of standing zombies. This in turn makes approaching it, even on an empty server problematic. There is a lot of cover for crawler zombies to sneak up on the player, as well as lots of cover for sound generated spawns to spawn behind. Like most cities in the current version of DayZ (0.47.124641) it is possible to get swarmed with more then five or six zombies at a time. Chernogorsk is host to a lot of deadfalls that are just tall enough to break legs, so be careful when avoiding zombies. There are also a lot of open areas. Zombies can flush players out into the scopes of snipers in Chernogorsk more-so than any other city.

Buildings of Interest[edit]


View at Cherno
Central area of Cherno
Industrial area of Cherno
City Hall of Cherno
Industrial area of Cherno