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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Berezino

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Coordinates129 053
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View on Berezino from north

Berezino (pronunciation) is a city located on the east coast of Chernarus, south of Svetlojarsk.


[edit] General

Due to its sprawled-out layout, Berezino is more time-consuming to loot than Chernogorsk or Elektrozavodsk, and is much less rewarding; due to the fact that the spawn points were recently changed to the North East section of the map. There is generally significantly less loot in most buildings than in the other cities, because of the high player count in this area.

The Hospital usually has a box of medical supplies at the base of the ladder on the backside as well as a box on the roof.

Don't forget to check the apartment houses across the road from the northern supermarket as well as the apartments near the very north of town on the west side of the Lumber Mill.

The first supermarket is directly east, across the street of the apartments. The hospital and the other supermarket are further south and uphill, towards the main part of town.

In the Lumber Mill, northeast of these other landmarks, you'll also find an office building with lots of residential loot, as well as several more industrial buildings.

There are three Deer Stands near Berezino; all of them are in open fields and not along a treeline, where Deer Stands are commonly found. The first is directly north of the hospital, in the field north of town. The second is directly east of the hospital, in the field between the main part of town and the highway on the coast. The third can be found on the field east of the hospitals, north of the farm Warehouses.

[edit] Buildings of Interest

[edit] Aerial Shot

Aerial shot of Berezino

[edit] Gallery

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[edit] Trivia

  • In real life Berezino is a city in the Minsk Province, Belarus.