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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:ATV
Vehicle ATV.jpg
Seats 2
Item Slots 50
Weapon Slots 10
Backpack Slots 2
Top Speed On-road 91 KM/H
Top Speed Off-road 58 KM/H
Tank Capacity 30L
Range 20km
Armament No
Location(s) see Vehicles
Rarity Common (6-8 per server)

The ATV is a vehicle found in Chernarus. It is currently the fastest off-road vehicle in the game and it is also one of the fastest ground vehicles on the road.

When the ATV spawns, it will contain a single camping tent, two cans of Baked Beans and five Heat Packs as loot.

ATV is an acronym for All-Terrain Vehicle.


As of DayZ Build 1.7.5, the player now has the ability to flip the ATV easily.

Server resets will also right any flipped vehicle.


'To completely repair (green status) a broken (red status) ATV the player will need:

Part Amount
Scrap Metal 1
Fuel Tank Parts 1
Engine Parts 1
Wheel 4

The player may also need a Jerry Can to refuel it.



Some spawn locations of the ATV include:

  • At top of mountain dirt trail north-west of the North West Air Field (NWAF)
  • At Green Mountain. (GR: 037083)
  • Two at top of Klen, south-south-east of Krasnostav. (GR: 114039)
  • Two spawn on top of the hill directly north-east of Cap Golova (Lighthouse between Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk) (GR: 088124)