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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Zed
A typical female zombie

A Zombie (also known as 'Zeds', 'Walkers', 'Crawlers') is an infected human. Little is known about the infection that has devastated most of the world's population but a few survivors. Except that upon becoming infected, the victims become highly aggressive, and will attempt to attack and/or eat any uninfected human they find. The Zombies are NPC in DayZ Standalone and can be found be found roaming all across Chernarus.


The infection appear to be causing massive increase in aggression and loss of many higher brain functions. The infected can still see and hear, and will will attack any uninfected human who have attracted their attention through noise, movement and/or displaying bright lights at night. However, they are incapable of picking up objects, operating simple mechanisms such as door handles or climbing ladders.

When passive and unstimulated, Zombies will roam around, they may vary their walking direction and field of vision. Once they are alerted to a survivor presence, they will become aggressive and actively start chasing him(usually referred to as "aggro"). In this state they make angry noises as they advance towards the spot where they last saw or heard their prey, they will not stop until their target is dead or lost. Once in reach they will attack in the form of frenzied physical blows and kicks. (and when the player is down they seem feed on it?)

Zombies can move as fast as a healthy survivors and they do not appear to get tired. They appear lack of normal human biological functions such as the need to sleep and able to survive exposed to the elements in conditions that non-Infected human wouldn't. However, they are still susceptible to conventional injuries, and are as easy to kill as any normal human is.

Types and variants[edit]

There are different types of Zombies, including Walkers and Crawlers; and they have a variety of appearances in thier clothing and gender, they all behave in approximately the same fashion. Zombies do not currently carry any loot on them however, this may change in later stages of development.

Zombie Types
  • Walkers will sprint towards their prey and threshes at them, but they tend to walk slowly inside buildings;
  • Crawlers move on all fours, they deal heavy damage with their leap attacks and can be difficult to hit.
Notable variants
  • Civilian Zombies are the most common type, they are found all across cherno, wandering about cities and towns aimlessly.
  • Military Zombies are found around military installations, they can be recognized by their military uniforms, their camo clothing, body armor and headgear can make them tougher to sport and to take down.

Note: this section may not be uptodate e.g. Hermit zombie?

Tactics and Tips[edit]

When a zombie detects a player, they will not stop chasing you and can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Becoming trapped in a small area by zombies is possible, and loud weapons can easily exacerbate a zombie problem. Zombies do little damage on their, but can cause bleeding, broken bones, pain, or knock you unconsciousness. Their strength lies in their tendency to attack in the most inconvenient of times or large numbers.

Avoiding Combat[edit]

There are a few ways to get away when the odds of getting into a fight are not in your favor:

  • Break away from their line of sight - Breaking a zombie's line of sight will cause the zombie to slowly wander around the player's last known location for a few minutes. The line of sight can be broken by running around corners, through buildings, and through evergreen trees. Care must be taken to not re-alert a zombie with sound or extra movement.
  • Get them to attack another Survivor. Distracting zombies in this way may be accomplished by having another survivor fire off a weapon nearby.
  • Knock them out - Punching zombies in the head, will knocking them out for a short period of time, enough for you to get away safely.


  • To conserve ammunition, it is advisable that players use melee weapons, such as the Baseball Bat or the Firefighter Axe. A strike/punch to the head, will knock out the zombie for a short period of time, allowing you safely finish him off.
  • Zombies have less of a chance to notice you if you are behind their field of vision, making it easy to sneak up behind them and hit them in the head.
  • When wielding a melee weapon and you and the Zombies are running towards each other, be sure to swing as you come near one another. What this does is ensure you hit the Zombies first and possibly get the kill before he can do any further damage.
  • Zombie attack animations are slow to reset (slow in general). Running circles around them or attacking them after they miss an attack can be a very safe combat strategy in melee.
  • If you are not looking for a long fight, stick with the Fire Axe, Crowbar, or Splitting Axe. Other weapons may take longer then it's worth (such as the hammer).


  • AI\Pathfinding - Zombies are spawned by the server and every client receives their position from the server. Once Zombies are alerted to your presence and actively start chasing you, your client takes over their pathfinding; this is sent to the server and relayed to other players. This is performed to ease the AI pathfinding load on the server. Because of this mechanic Zombies can often lag, even at low latencies to the server.
  • Zombies have about 4400 health. (Which is ammount to ?)
  • Zombies can hit you (and you can hit them with a melee weapon) when they may appear to be too far away. (Bug or sync ?)

References & Notes[edit]

  • It should be noted that DayZ Infected bear a resemblance to the "zombies" in the movie 28 Days Later, as they are not the undead monsters of traditional zombie culture but living people Infected with a rabies-like virus.
  • Zombies are still in on-going development, and due to the early stages of the Alpha, many features and functionality have been disabled as part of the testing process, zombies may be buggy, lack functionality or have buggy or odd behavior.