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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Vehicles
Offroad Hatchback, Transit Bus and Civilian Sedan together.

Vehicles are used as means of transportation for people over the Chernarusian landscape and also as a means of item storage. They can usually be found in different places of the map, usually near buildings and can be found in various states of damage, sometimes with various parts attached, missing or broken and lacking fuel. These parts will have to be replaced or repaired and fuel will have to be added before survivors can make proper use of the vehicle. The use of proper tools may sometimes be necessary in order to remove certain parts from the vehicle.

Vehicles are some of the few components of gameplay with persistence enabled until they are completely destroyed, have been left unused for a long time period or placed outside the playable limits of Chernarus, after which the vehicle will usually be respawned at a new random location. As with most things in the DayZ world not connected to your actual character, vehicles are non-transferable between servers. Currently, all land vehicles are driven in manual transmission and require proper gear shifting in order to operate.

As of 0.60 Vehicles can be very easily damaged in collisions with even the smallest and unlikely objects, even including player loot, and have a limited amount of health, when fully damaged they will no longer be usable.

- Unable to cause collision damage to players or zombies - the vehicle will just pass through them.
- Very easily damaged even in low speed collisions with even small static objects throughout Chernarus.
- Due to in-game physics behavior for vehicles, vehicles may very easily be turned or flipped over when making sudden turns. See Notes below.

Implemented Vehicles

The following is a list of known vehicles which can be driven, ridden or controlled:

Planned Vehicles

Survivor repairing in-game vehicles.



  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
  • Boat
  • Unarmored Humvee


  • Vehicle physics have been rewritten in Dayz SA.
  • Some vehicles may easily turn-over, the only known solution will be to wait for a server restart or to push it with another vehicle back onto its wheels.
  • All land vehicles have Manual transmission and require proper gear settings and changes in order to drive. (Default: Q and E for down and up shifting respectively).