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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Towns and Cities

DayZ takes place on a heavily modified version of the ARMA II map Chernarus.

A town is a major source of basic necessities such as food, water, and common ammunition. These abandoned communities can be found in every sector of Chernarus, and may vary in size and distance from one another. Small towns usually have fewer than ten lootable areas and contain almost no decent loot (Bor, Olsha) while larger towns have a lot more to choose from (Novy Sobor, Balota). The larger the town, the bigger the zombie population.... and player interest.

A city, such as Zelenogorsk and Chernogorsk, contains special locations of interest such as a supermarket, hospital, military tents, and more. As such, these forgotten utopias are the most high-trafficked areas in the game. New players may spawn in close proximity to coastal cities and venture there, sometimes to their ultimate demise. The rewards are very worthwhile if you can avoid hostile bandits and a horde of zombies. Remember: When traveling through a city, be very cautious of your surroundings.

City/Town Name (phonetic) Semantic Город X Y Type Sector Size
Balota Swamp Балота 045 129 Coastal South-West Town
Belaya Polana White Meadow Белая Поляна 140 002 Inland North-East Town
Berezino Birch Березино 129 053 Coastal East City
Berezhki Small beaches (coasts) Бережки 151 015 Coastal East Town
Bor Forest Бор 033 114 Inland South-West Town
Chapaevsk Named after a person Чапаевск 056 128 Inland South Town
Chernaya Polana Forest Opening (dark/black in color) Черная Поляна 121 016 Inland North-East Town
Chernogorsk Black Mountain Черногорск 067 127 Coastal South City
Dobroe Good Доброе 129 003 Inland North-East Town
Dolina Valley Долина 112 087 Inland South-East Town
Drozhino Shiver, shudder Дрожино 033 104 Inland South-West Town
Dubky Little oaks Дубки 066 117 Inland South Town
Dubrovka Oak forest Дубровка 104 055 Inland East Town
Elektrozavodsk Electrical machinery factory Электрозаводск 103 132 Coastal South-East City
Gorka Hill Горка 095 065 Inland Center Town
Grishino Named after a person Гришино 059 050 Inland North Town
Guglovo Named after a person Гуглово 084 086 Inland Center Town
Gvozdno Nail Гвоздно 085 034 Inland North Town
Kabanino Boar Кабанино 053 067 Inland Center Town
Kamenka Hearthstone Каменка 019 131 Coastal South-West Town
Kamensk Stone (or banya/sauna stove) Каменск 066 008 Inland North Town
Kamyshovo Reed Камышово 121 118 Coastal South-East Town
Karmanovka Pocket Кармановка 125 007 Inland North-East Town
Khelm Helm Хелм 122 044 Inland North-East Town
Komarovo Mosquito Комарово 036 128 Coastal South-West Town
Kozlovka Goat Козловка 044 107 Inland South-West Town
Krasnoe Red Красное 064 003 Inland North Town
Krasnostav Red standing Красностав 111 030 Inland North-East City
Lopatino Shovel Лопатино 027 053 Inland West Town
Mamino Mom's Мамино 079 023 Inland North Town
Mogilevka Grave Могилевка 075 102 Inland South Town
Msta Revenge (archaic form) Мста 112 098 Inland East Town
Myshkino Mouse Мышкино 020 080 Inland West Town
Nadezhdino Hope and/or Named after a person Надеждино 058 106 Inland South Town
Nagornoe Upland Нагорное 092 007 Inland North-East Town
Nizhnoye Located in a lowland Нижное 129 074 Coastal East Town
Novaya Petrovka New Petrovka Новая Петровка 036 022 Inland North-West City
Novodmitrovsk New Dmitrovsk Новодмитровск 116 009 Inland North-East City
Novoselky New settlement Новоселки 061 121 Inland South Town
Novy Sobor New cathedral Новый Собор 070 076 Inland Center Town
Olsha Alder Ольша 133 024 Inland North-East Town
Orlovets Eagle Орловец 121 080 Inland East Town
Pavlovo Named after a person Павлово 016 115 Inland South-West Town
Pogorevka Remains of fire Погоревка 044 089 Inland West Town
Polana Meadow Поляна 106 073 Inland East Town
Polesovo Territory adjacent to forest Полесово 057 018 Inland North Town
Prigorodki Suburban Пригородки 079 121 Coastal South Town
Pulkovo Named after a person (Polish) Пулково 049 097 Inland West Town
Pusta Wasteland, wold Пуста 091 115 Inland South Town
Pustoshka Wasteland, wold Пустошка 030 074 Inland West Town
Ratnoe Army (archaic) Ратное 061 026 Inland North Town
Rogovo Horn Рогово 047 085 Inland West Town
Samorodok Nugget Самородок 057 008 Inland North Town
Severograd North City Североград 079 027 Inland Center City
Shakhovka Fishing net manufacturing (archaic) Шаховка 096 087 Inland Center Town
Sinistok Blue Village Синисток 014 034 Inland North-West Town
Smirnovo Named after a person (Smirnov) Смирново 114 002 Inland North Town
Solnichniy Sunny Солнечный 134 092 Coastal South-East City
Sosnovka Pine Сосновка 025 090 Inland West Town
Staroye Old Старое 101 099 Inland East Town
Stary Sobor Old cathedral Старый Собор 061 076 Inland Center City
Stary Yar Old jar Старый Яр 049 002 Inland Northwest Town
Svergino Unknown Свергино 095 015 Inland North-East Town
Svetlojarsk Bright Sun (archaic) Светлоярск 139 021 Coastal North-East City
Tisy Yew Тисы 034 005 Inland North-West Town
Topolniki Populus Топлоники 027 030 Inland North-West Town
Troitskoe Trinity Троицкое 076 019 Inland North Town
Tulga Body or Person (Kazakh) Тулга 128 109 Inland South-East Town
Turovo Named after a person (Turov) Турово 135 012 Inland North-East Town
Vavilovo Named after a person (Vavilov) Вавилово 022 043 Inland North-West Town
Vybor Choice Выбор 038 064 Inland West Town
Vyshnaya Dubrovka Upper Oak Forest Вышная Дубровка 099 049 Inland East Town
Vyshnoye Located on a height Вышное 065 093 Inland Center Town
Zaprudnoe Dam Запрудное 045 021 Inland North-West Town
Zelenogorsk Green hill Зеленогорск 027 099 Inland West City

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