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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Survivors
A Survivor player

Every player in DayZ Standalone begins as a minimally equipped Survivor in the nation of Chernarus after a virus has struck the populace and the Chernarussian Defense Forces has collapsed. Players are free to make a back story for their character. With only rudimentary gear, it's essential to loot supplies and arms to survive against basic needs like hunger and thirst, as well as hostile enemies.

Starting equipment[edit]

Starting equipment consists of:

Some examples of the clothing that can spawn with survivors:


A Survivor must stay hydrated, fed, warm, and healthy. Ignoring these basic needs will cause loss of blood, health, or other ill effects, which will severely hurt survivability in the long run.


The survivor will need to stay well hydrated. This need can be satisfied by drinking cans of soda, water from a refillable Water Bottle or Canteen, or a water source like a well or a pond. Not fulfilling this need will cause you to fall unconscious and die. Be wary of drinking unclean water, as there is a chance that you may contract a disease. The best way to prevent this is to use items in pristine condition to carry your water, or use Water purification tablets on filled bottles of water.


Food can be acquired by looting in buildings, picking fruit, hunting, or fishing. Not fulfilling this need will cause you to fall unconscious and eventually die. Eating food fills your stomach and gives you energy. When energy and water levels are high enough, the survivor will naturally regenerate blood. The only other way to quickly regain lost blood is to have another player give you a blood transfusion. Note that some fruits and vegetables may be Rotten, and are unsafe to eat no matter their condition. You will get sick from consuming rotten food, and will potentially die unless you stay well hydrated and fed or consume some Charcoal Tabs.

Medical supplies[edit]

Medical supplies can be found in residential areas, medical facilities such as Hospitals and Medical Centers, and Military locations such as medical or military tents. Please note that the epi-pens, Saline Bag IV's and Blood Bags may only be applied to other players; to use them on yourself, you must find another player to help.


One of the first things every survivor usually spends time acquiring is a weapon. Weapons in DayZ range from melee weapons, such as the Crowbar, to powerful rifles and explosives. Proper weapon selection depends on what the player intends to use it for, and more importantly, what is available.


Zombies, often referred to as Zeds.

Zombies are infected humans that wander about cities and towns aimlessly. They will key in on movement and sound; once alerted to the presence of a player, they will begin to scream, run towards, and attack that player. In the current build of DayZ Standalone, Zombies can't open doors, swim, or climb ladders, but they can rarely clip through walls. Zombies can be easily defeated unless in large numbers.

Zombies can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Becoming trapped in a small area by zombies is possible, and loud weapons can easily exacerbate a zombie problem. Zombies can cause bleeding, broken bones, unconsciousness, and death.

There are a few ways to dispose of zombies if you are unarmed:

  • Punch them in the head, knocking them out for a short period of time
  • Break away from their line of sight
  • Get them to attack another Survivor
  • In the current Stand Alone version, zombies are also unable to climb stairs, which can help a player escape in crucial situations such as the need to apply a bandage. (Note under certain small conditions zombies may climb stairs. Proceed with caution even if you think you are safe)
  • To conserve ammunition, it is advisable that players use melee weapons, such as the Baseball Bat or the Firefighter Axe

Breaking a zombie's line of sight will cause the zombie to slowly wander around the player's last known location for a few minutes. The line of sight can be broken by running around corners, through buildings, and through evergreen trees. Care must be taken to not re-alert a zombie with sound or extra movement.

Distracting zombies may be accomplished by having another player fire off a weapon nearby.


Survivors are other human players in the game. All players start out as normal survivors, but some may become bandits or heroes depending on how they treat fellow survivors.

Whether or not one should trust survivors can be a tricky question; it is often difficult to tell ahead of time whether or not a survivor is in need of your last can of beans. It is hard to tell if the survivor is trying to survive like you, trying to kill someone because they are bandits, or if they are willing to help you. Be very cautious around unknown survivors even if you plan on killing them or helping them. If the player does decide to approach another survivor, the proper way to do so is to say or type "friendly" in direct chat to let the other player know that you do not intend to kill him. When holding a weapon, it is polite to lower it (Default: Spacebar) looking at a friendly survivor. Don't expect everyone to respect "Friendly", and it is advisable to still be cautious around "Friendly" Players.


Bandits are players in DayZ Standalone who have murdered other survivors in cold blood or rob survivors at gunpoint. Bandits are usually players who have acquired enough weapons and ammunition to kill another player in a matter of seconds, however, some bandits prey on new players using only melee weapons. It is inadvisable to trust bandits; in fact, some players have adopted a "kill on sight" policy with regards to the bandit community. Many attempts to have friendly conversation with bandits often end with a bullet in your face or in your back. However it can be difficult to tell whatever a player is a Bandit or not. Bandits usually hide along the coastal areas, such as the town of Berezino and near areas where military grade loot spawns in massive numbers, such as Airfields.


A Hero's goal is to help other survivors by giving them Food, Tools, Medical Assistance, un-handcuffing captives, and even helping them by killing bandits. They won't usually attack you unless you either surprise them or make them uncomfortable, but be warned: They are far from being pacifists and will defend themselves. Some bandits in disadvantaged situations may also attempt to act as a temporary hero by shouting out words such as "Friendly" until they see an occasion to kill you and grab all your gear. The best way to identify a real hero is to recognize if he or she is better geared than you, because often highly geared players will not kill a player who doesn't even have a backpack.


It is important to note that these player categories aren't strict rules, and that these are just examples of player attitudes or game styles they may have adopted. It is also important to note that someone who appears to be a 'Hero' may shoot you on sight, while a 'Bandit' may give you aid. It is often better to avoid players at all costs if uncertain, as even when looking at their gear the player will have no real knowledge of the target's attitude.


Grouped players (both survivors, heroes, and bandits) often raid Berezino and Elektrozavodsk (Elektro) - Two big cities along the coast. Another big target for survivors is Novodmitrovsk (Novo), one of the biggest cities in the north. Heading to these cities unprepared can be risky, though they are often scavenged by freshly respawned players before heading south. Looting high value military targets can be very dangerous. Enemy bandits will often take up positions to snipe anyone looking to loot. Extra precautions should be taken when around:

Watch out for survivors carrying scoped or military-grade weapons; these players are rarely out there to kill just zombies. However this is not true for all players.

Most survivors head south after gathering immediate supplies or immediately upon respawning. Grouping in Chernarus can be difficult, so it is advisable to avoid any size of groups of survivors you don't know.

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