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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Survivors
A Survivor player

The Survivors are people who are naturally immune to the infection that devastated most of the world, and now have to learn to survive against Human basic needs, the elements, zombies and other survivors.

Survivors are human players in DayZ Standalone. Every player begins as a minimally equipped Survivor in the nation of Chernarus after the infection has struck its populace and the Defense Forces has collapsed. Survivors are free to make a backstory for their character and choose their playstyle.

Getting started[edit]

As Survivor you'll find yourself at one of many set spawn locations, with only rudimentary gear. It is essential to loot supplies and arms to survive against basic needs like hunger, thirst and stay warm, as well as be able to defend himself against hostiles Zombies and Human alike.

Starting equipment for fresh spawns consists of:

Other Survivors[edit]

You will find all sorts of survivors in the wastes of Chernarus. How each choose to survive can be different from person to person. Some will avoid you unless provoked, others maybe be friendly and offer you help, or hostile and fire at you on sight.

Whether or not one should trust survivors can be a tricky question; it is often difficult to tell ahead of time whether or not a survivor is in need of your last can of beans. It is hard to tell if the survivor is trying to survive like you, trying to kill someone because they are bandits, or if they are willing to help you. Be very cautious around unknown survivors even if you plan on killing them or helping them.

If you decide to approach another survivor, voice/direct-chat is useful to prodding out their intentions and determining if they are a friend or foe. The proper way to indicate you are friendly is to say/type "friendly" to let the other player know that you are there do not intend to kill him. When holding a weapon, it is polite to lower it (Default: Spacebar) looking at a friendly survivor. But don't expect everyone to respect "Friendly", and it is advisable to still be cautious around "Friendly" Players.

You can also do the "friendly dance", give another player a friendly salute (default: f1) or raise both hands to signal you're just giving up (default: f2).

Types of Survivors[edit]

There isn't really any black or white in how you choose to play the game or how others do. The choices you make are up to you. The two examples described below, bandits and heroes, are in many ways the exact opposite types of players.


The type of survivor you're most likely to encounter is the bandit. Bandits are players who will attack other survivors. Their motives are various, some believe in kill or be killed, others opportunists and will take any chance at get their hands on your gear, others become bored and find joy in using their long-sought-after weapons on beings capable of putting up a fight.

Most Bandits will kill you outright, commonly referred as "Kill On Sight"; others may just hold you up, they might take only what they need or everything you have, but they will let you live; others may feign friendliness in order to get you to let your guard down. Working in groups, one may greet you and try to talk to you while another attacks you from behind. Some may even kill you just for fun even if it's apparent you have nothing of value.

It is inadvisable to trust bandits. They are usually unresponsive, many attempts to have friendly conversation with bandits often end with a bullet in your face or in your back. They are usually well geared, carrying military-grade weapons and travel alone. However it is difficult to tell whatever a player is a Bandit or not e.g. sometimes people are accused or killed for being a bandit after they killed a neutral survivor for self-defense.


Hero's are players who take it upon themselves to help other survivor in any way possible. Heroes will offer supplies, render medical assistance, help un-handcuffing captives, and or help them against bandits and zombies. They won't usually attack you unless you either surprise them or make them uncomfortable, but be warned: They are far from being pacifists and will defend themselves. Some bandits in disadvantaged situations may also attempt to act as a temporary hero by shouting out words such as "Friendly" until they see an occasion to kill you and grab all your gear. The best way to identify a real hero is to recognize if he or she is better geared than you, because often highly geared players will not kill a player who doesn't even have a backpack.


Grouped players (both survivors, heroes, and bandits) often raid Berezino and Elektrozavodsk (Elektro) - Two big cities along the coast. Another big target for survivors is Novodmitrovsk (Novo), one of the biggest cities in the north. Heading to these cities unprepared can be risky, though they are often scavenged by freshly re-spawned players before heading south.

Looting high value military targets can be very dangerous. Bandits will often take up positions to snipe anyone looking to loot. Extra precautions should be taken when around:

Watch out for survivors carrying scoped or military-grade weapons; these players are rarely out there to kill just zombies. However this is not true for all players.

Most survivors head south after gathering immediate supplies or immediately upon re-spawning. Grouping in Chernarus can be difficult, so it is advisable to avoid any size of groups of survivors you don't know.

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