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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Status Effects

There are a number of effects in DayZ that can negatively impact the player, some of which significantly increases the danger towards the player and may result in death if said player is not able to remedy the situation quickly. Many of these are related to Player Stats.

Hydration and Energy[edit | edit source]

Thirst[edit | edit source]

Hydration Symptoms: When water falls to 0, the Survivor loses 5 health/s and 1% blood/s.
Symbols for thirst:


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Causes: Low Hydration can be caused by natural dehydration, eating dry food etc
Treatment: Consume Drinks. Some other Food can also affect Water.

Be careful not to eat or drink too much or you may end up Sick.

Hunger[edit | edit source]

Energy Symptoms: When energy falls below 100, the Survivor begins to lose 1 health/s and 0.5% blood/s
Symbols for hunger:


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Causes: Low Energy.
Treatment: Eat Food.

Be careful not to drink or eat too much or you may end up Sick.

Health[edit | edit source]

Sick[edit | edit source]

Health and Stomach Symptoms: It is possible to have several sickness effects stacked on top of each other:
  • Over eating: Vomiting
  • Light Food Poisoning: Blood loss and increased water loss.
  • Medium Food Poisoning:
    • Blood loss and increased water loss.
    • Vomiting
  • Chemical Poisoning:
  • Blood Type Incompatibility: Death
Symbols for overeating / overdrinking or illness:


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Causes: Can be caused by several different conditions:
  • Over eating: Eating too much food.
  • Over drinking: Drinking too much.
  • Light Food poisoning: 50% chance from eating rotten fruit, unknown chance from eating overcooked food, 75% from drinking Alcohol Tincture
  • Medium Food Poisoning: 5% chance from eating rotten fruit, unknown chance from eating overcooked food, 20% chance from drinking Alcohol Tincture
  • Chemical Poisoning: 100% chance from consuming Disinfectant Spray
  • Blood Type Incompatibility: Having incompatible blood transfused into you.
Treatment: Different sicknesses have to be treated differently:
  • Over eating: Stop eating food for a few minutes.
  • Food Poisoning: Consume Charcoal tablets. The sickness status will remain for a few minutes, but the food poisoning effects will cease. You can also drink too much, then you will vomit and your illness is over.
  • Chemical Poisoning: Making your character vomit will NOT cure the sickness. It has to be endured.
  • Blood Type Incompatibility: No treatment possible. Be sure to always test each other’s blood, before transfusing blood.

Bleeding[edit | edit source]

Blood Symptoms: Blood will spurt out of the player, which can be seen by other survivors and the player themselves in third person. The screen color will slowly fade to gray (starting from the maximum of 5000 blood, and a minimum of 500 before the player falls unconscious.) as the amount of blood decreases. The amount of blood lost per second is 1% of the initial blood damage taken from the attack that caused the bleeding. However, blood lost per second is never less than 5.
Symbol for bleeding:


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Causes: Bleeding can occur after:
  • Being hit by Zombies
  • Falling
  • Getting shot
  • Getting hit by a Melee Weapon
  • Getting hit by an explosive
Treatment: This condition is cured with a Bandage, Rag, Sewing Kit or a Leather Sewing Kit. A bandage can be used on yourself or on other players using the action menu. It is recommended that you have at least two bandages in your inventory at all times.

While not standing idle, you lose 50% less blood per second, to a minimum of 5 blood lost per second, so while bleeding, it is recommended that you keep moving. It is possible that this is a bug.

Bleeding will not stop until you patch yourself up. If you are unable to apply a bandage you will fall unconscious, and unless someone applies a bandage to your unconscious body, and you regain over 500 blood, you will die. Gain "healthy/healing" status by eating and drinking enough food to regain your blood levels. Another option is to receive a blood transfusion or a saline IV.

Unconscious[edit | edit source]

' Symptoms: A black screen with the words "You are unconscious," and the inability to see or move.
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Causes: Causes of being Unconscious:
  • Dropping below 500 blood.
  • Having a shock value higher than your current blood.
Treatment: An Epi-Pen,Saline Bag IV or Defibrillator will fix this condition instantly, although defibrillators require a Battery to operate. However, if the player has low blood they may head straight back into unconsciousness. The Epi-Pen won't work if used on an unconscious player whose blood level is under 500, forcing food and drinks may help to achieve a faster recovery of the player's blood level. It is therefore advised to bandage and fix all other conditions before the player is treated. Remember that both treatments have to be used by another survivor, you cannot give yourself consciousness.

Injuries[edit | edit source]

Pain[edit | edit source]

' Symptoms: Pain is accompanied by excessive screen shaking which makes aiming very difficult. Currently, shaking is only seen while in first person view. In third person view the screen will not shake, however the crosshairs and aiming are still affected. The player will also groan every few seconds.
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Causes: Pain is caused when the player takes damage, it has a chance to proc on any type of damage including falling, Zombie hits, or gun shot wounds.
Treatment: Pain is cured by Painkillers and Splints

Broken Bones[edit | edit source]

Health Symptoms: The player will only be able to move whilst proned, can not stand nor vault, but can still crouch. The player will fall to a proned state if attempting to move if not proned.
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Causes: Causes of Broken Bones:.
  • Being injured by other survivors
  • Being injured by zombies
  • Falling from a height
Treatment: Morphine Auto-Injectors are used to heal broken bones (instant after use) and using Splints which are made by combining 1 stick and 1 rag.

Fracture[edit | edit source]

Health Symptoms: The character is constantly moaning, but he can still walk.
Symbol for fracture:


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Causes: Injuries by zombies, fights or falls
Treatment: Morphine and Splint

Foot Injury[edit | edit source]

Health Symptoms: The character has reduced movement speed.
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Causes: Walking without shoes or with ruined shoes.
Treatment: Finding and wearing new shoes.

Weather Effects[edit | edit source]

Humidity[edit | edit source]

' Symptoms: Increases the rate of your temperature lowering
Symbols for humidity:


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Causes: Exposure to rain or submersion in standing water.
Treatment: Avoid water and rain. Wring your clothes out. Standing near a campfire also accelerates the rate at which you dry off.