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The concept of shelter in DayZ Standalone is two-fold: as a general concept and as an environmental mechanic.

Traditional Shelter[edit | edit source]

A shed that could be used as shelter by a Survivor

In a more rudimentary sense, shelter is a key component of surviving in Chernarus. This would include any means of keeping yourself dry, warm, and secure. Houses and other buildings are the obvious places to seek shelter, but tents are also available to be found and work equally as well in addition to being mobile. At the absolute worst, it is possible to get cover from rain simply by sitting under the branches of a tree during a storm.

Not all shelter is created equal however: many structures won't allow you to set up a fireplace inside, for example. They also have varying amounts of protection from bullets and explosions. Wooden doors and tin walls are easily shot through, and grenade explosions can penetrate several inches of wall, floor and ceiling.

It is possible that player-created shelter may be added later in the development process, but this has not been confirmed.

Advanced Shelter (Game Mechanic)[edit | edit source]

A door that has been locked with a Lockpick

The true shelter mechanic allows survivors to take existing structures (such as houses) and occupy them for their needs. Players can seek shelter inside any accessible building and barricade themselves via locked doors. It is recommended that you barricade yourself inside buildings with more than one exit, in the event a bandit or zombie makes their way inside.

Doors can be locked and unlocked using a lockpick. Doors can also be unlocked using just about any kind of melee weapon.

As of 0.52, locked doors are the extent of the shelter mechanic. There is a lot more planned however, and this section will be updated to reflect that as it changes.

Planned[edit | edit source]

In the future, the system of door locking will be expanded different types of locks including combination locks. Later on, real barricading will be implemented with wooden planks, nails, and other materials being used in combination with tools to create additional reinforcement to the security of the building.[1]

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