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New Dmitrovsk
Novodmitrovsk map.png
CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
Coordinates116 009
Novodmitrovsk 5a.jpg
View on Novodmitrovsk from South-East

Novodmitrovsk, or "Novo" for short, is a large city located in the northeast of the Chernarus map, west of Svetlojarsk. Due to being one of the map's spawn points (both the most northern and among the farthest east), it is a place frequently visited by newly spawned players and Survivors searching for Loot. Its size can be compared to the large southern coastal cities of Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk.

Threat Level[edit | edit source]

Bandits[edit | edit source]

Novodmitrovsk is the largest city on the map by area, making it somewhat safer. To explain: this is due to the undulating terrain that makes it impossible to see more than around 25% of the city at any one point. The number of taller buildings here is high, which obscures your line of sight within the city. However, one major loot spawn is a place of rather common gunfire. The City Hall is a unique building on the map of Chernarus+, it has a large variety of loot that spawns in it including weapons, clothes, food, and cooking gear. This makes it a prime target for both fresh spawns who have no gear as well as geared-up players looking for better equipment or refreshed supplies. The single biggest threat is from snipers on the cliffs to the northeast. They have a limited, but decent view onto the main city square in front of City Hall as well as some surrounding buildings.

The most dangerous places are:

Zombies[edit | edit source]

Due to the sheer size of the city, there are quite a few zombies here. They tend to be more spread-out than in smaller towns, but it would be difficult to find a section of the city that doesn't have at least a few.

Buildings of Interest[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gallery (0.45)[edit | edit source]

When Novo was first introduced in 0.45, it lacked the impressive city hall building we know today. That did not get added until 0.46. Below are pictures of the city with the placeholder town hall from Chernogorsk.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This city was added in the 0.45.12499 experimental version, although the street patterns were visible for a few months until the real implementation.
  • Spelled Novodmitrivka (Новодмитрівка) it's the name of real-life village in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine.