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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Navigating

Navigating Chernarus+ in DayZ Standalone is one of the more important survival skills one can acquire. There are multiple methods for navigation and though some may be easier than others, mastering all of them means that you'll never truly be lost in Chernarus no matter how far off the path you stray.

Finding your bearings[edit]

As a new survivor (or a re-spawn) you will spawn randomly along the coastline of Chernarus, either on the south or east coast. The first thing to do is determine your direction. There are tools in-game to help with this, such as the compass, GPS and maps, but if you don't have any of these here few way you can find your bearing:

  • The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so if the Sun is just rising or setting you will have stable reference point.
  • The Wind always blows from the west to the east, opposite of the sun/moon cycle, so use the movements of the clouds to find East and West.
  • At night, you'll need to rely on the stars, locate the Northern Star to find North.
  • using a watch. Currently not implemented.

Navigation Techniques:

  • Out in the coastline, use the Railroad, Towns and Cities Road Signs, to find your location on the Map.
  • Out in the countryside, look for Power Lines and/or creeks. These will lead you to civilization.
  • Scan the terrain around and try to find similar layout on the map.
  • Look for notable\familiar landmarks.

Using Terrain and Landmarks[edit]

Road Signs[edit]

Around Chernarus there are many road signs marking Towns and Cities boundaries and giving road directions to the next town, which are really useful for navigation. If you are unsure where you are, simply match the road sign name up with where it lies on the map. Once you've determined what town you are in, you have a starting point to navigate elsewhere.

Note: Road sign are all written in Cyrillic, which often makes it a bit tricky to figure out which town these signs are actually pointing to. See Towns and Cities page for full listing of all settlements.


An example: the Solnichniy train station

When you first spawn in, if you can see the water it's most likely that you will be somewhere on the South coast of Chernarus between Kamenka and Otmel, though there is a chance that you spawn at the East coast between Solnichniy and Kamyshovo.

Use the coastal Railroad tracks to find your bearing. Once at the shoreline, turn around so the water is at your back and run in-land.

  • If you find the train tracks before the road, you are on the southern coast of Chernarus, between Kamenka and Elektrozavodsk.
  • If you find the train tracks after the road: you are on the eastern coast of Chernarus, between Elektrozavodsk and Berezino.

If you follow the railroads you will surely find a train station -- often with the name of the town -- and the town itself.

Power Lines[edit]

A network of high voltage power lines at Pass Oreshka

Power lines are a way to navigate the countryside of Chernarus. The network consists of a Power Plant, sub-stations, and high voltage transmission lines (the really tall ones) which go across nearly the entirety of Chernarus. Following power lines is a sure way to eventually find a town if you are lost. If you can't find these, scan surrounding hill tops for cuts in the trees, as paths are cut through trees for power lines.

The network begins at the Power Plant near Elektrozavodsk, eventually splitting into three and then five different routes. The first two lines head west going past Prigorodki, Dubky, Novoselky where they meet a sub-station outside Chapaevsk; from there two lines go south into Chernogorsk and two more go north past Kozlovka and Drozhino, meeting at a sub-station outside Zelenogorsk; finally, one line runs from this sub-station across the north passing Pogorevka, Novy Sobor, and Dubrovka, ultimately terminating at an end station in Berezino. The third main line by itself heads north past Topolka Dam then splits: one line runs northeast past Msta and terminates at an end station in Solnichniy; the other goes northwest past Staroye and Shakhovka, terminating at an end station in Gorka.

Other Landmarks[edit]

You can find various Key Locations, such as crashed helicopters, fire station, an airstrip etc to help tell friends where you are.

Using Northern Star[edit]

During the night, it can be hard to orientate and very hard to know which direction you're walking. Finding the Northern Star is probably the most obvious and the most reliable way to find north at that time. While the night sky will rotate and move as you travel Chernarus, the North Star will always point north and finding it will give you a solid reference point when you don't have a compass. Here is how to do so:

  • First identifying the big dipper constellation.
  • Draw a line from the 2 bottom stars and keep drawing this line upwards
  • the next star you'll get is 'Polaris', the 'Northern Star'

Using a Watch[edit]

NOTE: The Watch has not yet been implemented in the DayZ Standalone.

Method 1

With your watch, check the time (Press O, your watch will be shown on the screen). The sun travels from East to West, so if it is 6 pm, the sun would be closer to the west side of Chernarus. If it is 9 AM, the sun would be closer to the East side. Therefore, if it is AM, the sun is closer to the East side. PM = West. If it's near 12 PM (noon), you will have to try another method listed below.

Method 2

If you've found a watch and do not have a compass, you can use shadows to find (roughly) north.

  • find a shadow from a tree or other long object
  • take out your watch and keep it horizontally (looking down)
  • point the hour hand (short one) towards the sun
  • draw a line from the center of your watch and between the hour hand and 12 o'clock
  • north is at the other side of the center
Method 3

Use your watch or your vision to tell if the sun is rising or setting. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If the sun is in the east at the time, look at the sun (you are looking east) and north will be to your left. If the sun is setting, look at the sun (you will be looking west). Look to your right and that is north. South is obviously the opposite of that.