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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Loot

Loot refers to items that can be found, crafted and used by the player. Loot can be dropped by other survivors and found in most enterable buildings, buildings such as houses, hospitals and barns. Players can pick up and store loot in their inventory (Default: Tab), backpacks, chest holsters, special containers and in various pouched or pocketed clothing. Loot must be within reach of a player and within first-person view from the head in order for you to be able to pick it up.

Item Durability and Repair[edit | edit source]

The condition of your item is measure of its integrity, directly reflecting on its appearance.[1] Item condition will degrade when taking damage and express wear and tear when used.[2]

Many items' conditions currently has no direct effect their function unless it has the 'Ruined' state of which it may no longer be used for its functions. An example would be for some Weapon Attachments where its condition only has a cosmetic effect instead of a functional effect. There is however, a functional disability when it comes to weapon suppressors and scopes, where they no longer suppress sound effectively or have visibility affected due to cracks, respectively.

An item's condition can be seen by viewing it in the inventory. It can be found in Pristine, Worn, Damaged, Badly damaged or Ruined condition. Items in Pristine condition will generally appear good and new, while those in worse condition will appear damaged, scratched, worn or broken (e.g. weapon attachments like scopes will be cracked or broken -- which can affect visibility) or backpacks will lose patches of color with holes.

Items in ruined condition may no longer be usable, consumed or function while items in Pristine condition can no longer regain that condition when damaged and repaired.

It is possible to repair an item by using appropriate tools, however, repairing items will only bring them back to Worn condition. For example, the Sewing Kit and Leather Sewing Kit will allow to mend most clothing items as well as stitching up bleeding wounds (with risk of infection). A Cleaning Kit will repair the condition of Firearms, and stones can be used to sharpen badly damaged bladed weapons. Duct tape can be used to mend containers and miscellaneous items like matchboxes, First Aid Kits and backpacks.

Persistence[edit | edit source]

As of 0.59 only limited items may retain their persistence on the server following the next restart however, in previous updates all items would usually remain on the server and would only be deleted during DayZ's official weekly maintenance. Dropped items will expire following a restart however, vehicles along with some items such as vehicle parts and containers like Ammo Boxes and Protectors cases alike will be persistent until they reach the end of their lifetime of which they are not interacted with on the server.

Loot Areas[edit | edit source]

There are many areas of interest across Chernarus where loot can be found. Each area has different kinds of loot or higher chances of a specific loot.[3]. Generally, those areas of interest are broken into 6 main categories: Urban-Residential, Rural-Farms, Industrial, Military, Medical, and Police. See details below:

Loot Category Buildings Loot
PeachHouse 3a.jpg
FactoryNovodmitrovsk 4f.jpg
Farms 1a.jpg
MilitaryBaseBashnya 3b.jpg
General Military
MedicalCenter 6a.jpg
PoliceStation 3a.jpg