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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Loot

Loot refers to items that can be found, crafted and used by the player. Loot can be dropped by other survivors and found in most enterable buildings, buildings such as houses, hospitals and barns. Players can pick up and store loot in their inventory (Default: Tab), backpacks, chest holsters, special containers and in various pouched or pocketed clothing. Loot must be within reach of a player and within first-person view from the head in order for you to be able to pick it up.

Loot Areas[edit | edit source]

There are many areas of interest across Chernarus where loot can be found. Each area have different kinds of loot or higher chances of a specific loot.[1]. Generally, those areas of interest are broken into 5 main categories: Urban-Residential, Rural-Farms, Industrial, Military, and Medical. See details below:

Loot Category Buildings Loot
PeachHouse 3a.jpg
FactoryNovodmitrovsk 4f.jpg
Farms 1a.jpg
MilitaryBaseBashnya 3b.jpg
General Military
MedicalCenter 6a.jpg

Item Durability[edit | edit source]

The condition of your item is measure of its integrity, directly affecting its looks[2]. Item condition will degrade when taking damage and express wear and tear when used.[3] Condition does not affect an items use, all item conditions above ruined function equally. This is specifically important with Weapon Attachments, where condition only has a cosmetic effect on attachments. Many survivors will discard perfectly functional damaged attachments for inferior pristine attachments, unaware condition does not and has never affected their function.

An item's condition can be seen by viewing it in the inventory. It can be found in either Pristine, Worn, Damaged, Badly damaged or Ruined condition. Item in Pristine condition will look new and shiny, while those in worse condition will look damaged, worn or broken e.g. weapon attachments will be cracked or broken (which can affect visibility when using scopes) and backpacks will look off color with holes. Items with ruined condition cannot be repaired and will almost always fail to function. Once an item is ruined it cannot be repaired.

It is possible to restore item condition by repairing them, however, once an item loses Pristine status it cannot be regained, repair can only restore from Badly damaged to Worn status. The Sewing Kit and Leather Sewing Kit will allow to mend most clothing items as well as stiching up bleeding wounds. A Cleaning Kit will increase the condition of Firearms, and stones can be used to sharpen badly damaged bladed weapons. Duct tape can be used to mend containers and miscellaneous items like matchboxes, waterbottles and First Aid Kits, as well as backpacks.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Unlike the Mod, loot no longer re-spawns when entering an area; it is now only spawned into the world once upon the start of a server's session and after an item is picked up as a result of such there may be variable difficulty in finding items.
  2. ^ Be aware that because the game is still in Alpha, some of the buildings do not spawn any loot. Learn to recognize which ones that do.
  3. ^ As of 0.49, Item condition will degrade only in combat and from fall damage for most items. Some tools have fragility factor and will degrade when used. In 0.50 shoes degrade over time when worn.
  4. ^ As of 0.49, Item condition is mostly cosmetic.