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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Loot

Loot refers to items that can be found and used by the player. Loot can be dropped by other survivors and found in most enterable buildings, buildings such as houses, hospitals and barns. Players can pick up and store loot in their inventory (Default: Tab), backpacks, chest holsters, special containers and in various pouched or pocketed clothing. Loot must be within reach of a player and within first-person view from the head in order for you to be able to pick it up.

Loot Areas[edit]

There are many areas of interest across Chernarus where loot can be found. Each area have different kinds of loot or higher chances of a specific loot.[1]. Generally, those areas of interest are broken into 5 main categories: Urban-Residential, Rural-Farms, Industrial, Military, and Medical. See details below:

Loot Category Buildings Loot
PeachHouse 2a.jpg
FactoryChernogorsk 3a.jpg
CowShed 2a.jpg
BashnyaMilitaryBase 2.jpg
General Military
MedicalBuilding 5a.jpg


All items can be found in either Pristine, Worn, Damaged, Badly damaged or Ruined condition. Item condition will degrade over time due to damage or use. Items will not work or preform poorly the worse condition they get and ruined items cannot be used. Item in Pristine condition will look new and shiny, while those in worse condition will look damaged, worn or broken. It is possible to repair your items, Cleaning Kit will increase the condition of Weapons and Sewing Kit will repair clothes


  1. Unlike the Mod, loot no longer re-spawns when entering an area; it is now only spawned into the world once upon the start of a server's session and as a result of such there may be variable difficulty in finding items.
  2. ^ Be aware that because the game is still in Alpha, some of the buildings do not spawn any loot. Learn to recognize which ones that do.