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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:L85A2 AWS

Weapon L85A2 RIS CWS.png
Magazine Size(s) 30
Ammo Type(s) 5.56x45mm
Magazine Type(s) STANAG Mag, STANAG SD Mag
Fire Mode(s) Semi/Full
Shots to Kill body:

head: 1

Effective Range
Rate of Fire High
Recoil Low
Noise Moderate
Zeroing Yes
Location(s) Heli Crash Sites
Rarity Removed
Attachments CWS sight, RIS Grip
Alternate version(s) N/A

The L85A2 AWS has been removed and replaced with the L85A2 RIS Holo since version (November 21. 2012)

The L85A2 is the main assault rifle of the British Army's SA80 series of weapons. Initially plagued by reliability and ergonomics issues, this weapon was modified in 2000 by then UK-owned Heckler & Koch, resulting in the A2 specification rifle. The L85A2 has incredible reliablity and accuracy, so much so that marksman tests for soldiers had to be redesigned.

The L85A2 variant found in Dayz comes with a fictional Gen4 AWS (Advanced Weapon Sight).

The fictional AWS is a hybrid of the current CWS (Common Weapon Sight) and FTS (FIST Thermal Sight) deployed as part of the current BAF FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology) programme. It is not currently possible to mount both of these sights on a standard Picatinny L85A2. This "AWS" is comprised of the CWS Pilkington/Qioptiq MAXIKITE2 x6 image intensifier night scope and the FTS Qioptiq VIPIR-2 x2.7 LWTI (Light Weight Thermal Imaging) Uncooled Thermal sight.

The rifles sight makes this weapon arguably the best spotter/support rifle for a squad/team, as the thermal and multi-zoom sight can reveal players/zombies at great distances even while behind dense foliage or similar cover. This advantage can easily flush out entrenched players that would otherwise not have been seen while on the offensive, or as a part of a defensive over-watch. This weapon has a very intimidating sound, similar to the DMR, approach with caution.

It is currently the only assault rifle in the game besides the AKM which can be zeroed.

The L85A2 can scope can only switch between Night Vision and Thermal, done with the "N" key (default). The AWS weapons system is also equipped with a AN/PEQ-2 that has a built in IR laser sight. This can be activated by pressing the "L" key. This features allows squads with multiple NVGs to spot enemies for their teamates.

The L85A2 includes a STANAG 2324/MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) Rail Integration System (RIS). This model includes a vertical foregrip to aid in the reduction of recoil.

The L85A2 AWS has been removed since patch version (November 21. 2012)

VIDEO: Tutorial of the L85A2 AWS

CWS scoped L85A2 AWS.jpg

Should not be confused with the L85A2 SUSAT.

Sight Controls[edit]

"N" - Toggle Night Vision / Thermal

"L" - Toggle IR Laser

"Numpad +" - High Zoom Scope

"Numpad -" - Low Zoom Scope

"Page Up" - Zeroing Range Up

"Page Down" - Zeroing Range Down


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