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This page is out of date

Known Bugs as of DayZ version:

This mod is in Alpha, so it is riddled with bugs, and may not be stable. Here is an incomplete list of some bugs that can be experienced while playing, as well as some ways to avoid them.

Note that some bugs/features originate in ARMA2 itself and therefore has nothing to do with the DayZ MOD code.

This does not include installation problems, or "waiting for server response" problems (see: Mod:How to install DayZ). This page is dedicated to problems that can occur once the player loads into the game.

This assumes you have the latest versions of ArmA2, ArmA2 Beta patch and the mod.

See the official bug list here:

Confirmed Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Solution
Duping when saving vehicles then removing items, then opening the vehicle after a restart. Save the vehicle after removing items.
Spawn new player, after death with full gear: weapon, food, ammo as well as blood bags and secondary. Go along with it and play the game, its an advantage to you, by Kangaman. Often times you may spawn with the same gear as before you died. You may have low blood or injuries, and your previous body may still be there.
Crawling over small objects can result in injuries (Broken Bones, Bleeding, etc) or even death. Beware/avoid going prone and crawling over rocks, rubble or other various "jagged" world models or standing up with no head room (e.g., trees). Barbed wire has also been known to cause injuries including bleeding, broken bones, unconsciousness and even death from bleeding out if a player attempts to vault over wire emplacements. The problem seems to be less frequent as DayZ is updated.
Interacting with some geometry results in injuries. Avoid crouching/proning/sprinting near or on irregular/angled areas on the map or in buildings.
Items in inventory deleted when moving items around This can be avoided by never attempting to move an item into a space already occupied, or attempting to move items into a full backpack. Also, using an already existing loot stack on the ground as a transit is often a safe way to avoid this.
User spawns in a large open forest area with no equipment. This is the "Debug Forest", reconnect to the server to fix this (ARMA issue caused by connection timeout).
User spawns in the hills with no trees or grass (there may be some animals or birds). These are the debug plains, just disconnect and reconnect and you should spawn on the beach. If that doesn't work, just go 2km east through the hills and you will reach the western part of Chernarus (Zelenogorsk). Also you may suicide to respawn normally. If you "died" upon login and found yourself here, your corpse should be where you last logged off.
Zombies can move through doors or walls and are very jittery. No fix as of yet. Caused by the zombie AI pathing.
Zombies attack through walls. Move about a foot away from walls. Is fixed in 1.7.1 but doesn't work since raycasting is disabled indoors (see Changelog#version_1.7.1).
Zombies walk instead of running inside buildings. Currently considered a feature, because the zombie pathfinding is glitchy indoors, and makes indoors safer.
Zombies and loot don't spawn in a village. Zombies and loot spawn when a player approaches a village, sometimes this doesn't happen. Just come back to the village later.
Logging out of server can sometimes spawn you at random locations near the beach on next login. No fix at present. Occurs more often when the player switches between servers using different DayZ mod versions. E.g. 1.7.1/1.7.2
Dropping items can cause them to disappear. Try to only drop items on flat ground outside buildings. If possible, trade items through a tent, fireplace, backpack, or existing loot piles.
Tents and Vehicles may be lost on server restart due to database issues. Tents and Vehicles may re-appear after a second crash/restart, sometimes missing their inventory.
Tents respawn after a server restart but the items are gone regardless of whether the save function was used. Tents are still buggy in Alpha and as of build tents are unstable and are known to duplicate when moved as well as appear empty after restarts
Picking up a weapon from the ground destroys other weapon's ammo in your active inventory. Move ammo you'd like to keep into your backpack or put it safely on the ground first.
Helicopters continue to leak fuel even after being fully repaired. This issue has yet to be addressed and many servers are stuck with leaky choppers #make sure all the glass is repaired too, even though this doesn't show on the damaged parts list, with broken glass it will leak# .
It is possible to fall out of the chopper while in transit in any seat apart from the pilot Midair Alt-F4 may cause you to spawn on the ground next login.
Entering vehicles may cause injury or death. Never try to get into a vehicle at the same time as someone else; do not all crowd around the vehicle at the same time. Can happen even when you are the only occupant/person trying to enter.
Heli crash sites cannot be looted. Two patches have attempted to fix this but its still currently not working. Rocket will address it in a future patch.
Died for no reason. Wait for various exploit to be patched. Most likely caused by hackers/scripters; there have been reported occasions of them slaying entire servers at once. Sometimes ALT+F4'ing won't allow the server to catch up to what has happened, and you will spawn as you normally do.
When logging in while wearing camo outfit, user is spawned in the ocean. Remove camo outfit when logging out or do not wear camo outfit at all.
No hearing after Broken Bones / Shock. Disconnect and reconnect to server after Shock has worn off ( otherwise you'll be unconscious when you spawn back in )
If two players gut the same animal at the same time they get double the meat that the animal would usually drop. Only tested with two players might even drop more with additional players. tested with more players (works with as much players as possible)
As of, when equipping Camouflage Clothing or a Ghillie Suit your backpack may be replaced by the standard Coyote Patrol Pack. Reportedly fixed in, but players may want still want to drop their packs before equipping these items to be safe. (Still not fixed in
Spawning in Novy Sobor makes you spawn under a house. Go prone or crouch into the wall to get out.
You can duplicate food/water when you drop and keep the drink/eat menu up
Upon dying as a bandit, you will respawn with a humanity value of 0. This is not the actual value, as you do not lose all humanity upon death. Eventually you will regenerate Humanity, which will revert you, and (always) your backpack to a previous state. However, you will keep everything in your inventory/toolbelt. This can be avoided by simply aborting and rejoining. Once you get your negative humanity back, it is safe to grab a backpack.
Changing into Camo Clothing or a Ghillie suit will revert your backpack to a previous state. The backpack will revert (almost always) to a Coyote Patrol Pack, and will only contain eight random items out of what the other backpack contained. Any other items that the backpack fails to hold will be lost. To avoid this, find a body or gear spot where you can safely drop the backpack. On rare occasions you will be able to simply drop your backpack on the ground (most of the time it will vanish), in which case it is safe to equip the gear. It is not suggested to do so however, due to the fact that backpacks are very buggy and no matter how safe a method you try, the dropped/swapped backpack will be lost.
Equipping any Clothing Package (Civilian/Camo/Ghillie) will regenerate any low/partially empty mags within your inventory. Will regenerate any stack of items (Ammo/Flares/Chemlights). This may seem beneficial, but should be avoided due to the possibility of a backpack loss when swapping outfits. If you do choose to do so, do not wear a backpack or it will (always) be lost. Even in doing this without a backpack (and most likely for your own gain), Server admins may ban you for use of duping/bug abuse.
Falling unconscious upon logging in without a previous Shock condition. The best thing to do is ALT+F4 and log into another server, only play on servers that you know are Spawn-Safe, and log out in safe places.
As of, receiving the hero skin at 5000 humanity will cause your backpack to be exchanged for the standard coyote patrol pack. Same problem with changing in/out of the bandit skin; if you want to be a hero, you'll probably need to drop your backpack (be careful in doing this) and then heal other players/use other means of gaining humanity.
If you have a full backpack and switch to a bigger one from the "switch to ______ backpack" option from the scrollbar, sometimes the backpack will disappear, along with all items in it. Sweep your mouse over the area your backpack was, and sometimes you will get the option to open your old backpack and retrieve your gear. Alternatively, drop your current backpack before taking the new one.
logging in to a server and being in a drive position. it happened on a quad bike, you need to go back on the server the vehicle was on and hope the vehicle is there so you can get out.
When pressing escape inventory opens up and cant close for a while none

Not Bugs[edit | edit source]

Issue Solution
Swimming causes you to lose some or all of your inventory. This is an ARMA2 feature. Items fall to the bottom of water and can be re-obtained. Server admins may disable this setting [[1]].
Cannot drink soda, eat food, or use items. Right click on the item in your active inventory to use it. To use the item on another person, use the action menu.
Can't fill water canteen. Make sure the empty canteen is in your active inventory and not in your backpack. Also check proximity to water sources (such as ponds, dams, water pumps etc) as you have to be either standing in a fresh water source or standing/crouching etc on top of a water pump for your canteen to be filled.
Camera is shaking. See Pain, Bleeding, Cold.
Can't stand up. See Broken Bones, Unconscious
The screen is black/very dark. Depending on the server's weather conditions, nights can range from pitch black to fairly bright. Pop a flare, power up your Flashlight, switch to another night or day time server, wait for the moon, or find Night Vision Goggles.