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Hunting is the practice of tracking and killing wildlife for its resources. Hunting is one of the food sources for people trying to survive in the countryside, providing cookable raw meat. Other food source include Fishing, gathering and scavenging.

Basics[edit | edit source]

As a rule, animals can be found all over the map. That isn't completely true however, as there are some "soft" boundaries to the area in which they can be found. Those boundaries are: the major highway in the North, Pik Kozlova in the South, Pavlovo to the West, and the Berezino suburbs to the East. Some animals will only spawn in very particular areas as well, though it cannot be certain what those areas are. For example, cows and deer share spawn points, mostly around water sources. Goats and pigs share as well near towns such as Msta. Boars, foxes, and chickens have a much higher number of spawn points they share throughout the countryside. Rabbits can be trapped anywhere, even in towns and cities.

There are several methods that a Hunter can use to catch prey. Hunting smaller game like rabbits, can be accomplished using rabbit snare placed in open areas. While hunting for larger game require a ranged weapon. Take care not to get too close to the animals, as they usually flee at any sign of danger, or if the player gets too close and is detected by them. Most animals can be killed with one rifle, shotgun or bow shot (Firearms can bring unwanted attention (zombies or players), thus silent weapon like the Bow might be preferable).

After killing an animal, the player can 'skin and quarter' the animal with any Bladed weapon, such as a Machete or the Kitchen Knife. Skinning an animal allows the player to acquire material from the animal. Different animals supply the player with different amounts of meat and pelts (most frequently 4 pieces of Raw Meat and a pelt) that will be added directly to your Inventory or, if full, to the ground in-front of you. Most animals drop a Pile of Guts or Small Pile of Guts (depending on the size of the animal), some Bones, and Animal lard in addition to their meat and pelt also.

Animals to Hunt[edit | edit source]

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Animals are randomly generated in the wilderness. The following animals can be hunted in the various areas across Chernarus:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Animals will start running away from you when you start attacking or simply coming too close to them.
  • An Animal's corpse will despawn after 60 seconds as the Zombies.
  • The condition of the Knife used for skinning directly affects the quantity of food available on each piece of Raw Meat (~10% with a badly damaged blade, ~90% with a pristine one).
  • As with opening Canned Goods, the weapon's condition decreases with the skinning processes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

As of the current version (v0.57.128177) there is a possibility that the process of skinning will fail (you'll receive an "Ooops" status message) and you will receive nothing from the animal.

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