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CategoryEquipment > Light Sources
Size1 Slot
Capacity1 Alkaline Battery 9V
RarityStart item, Rare
A standard battery powered flashlight.
~ In-game description

Flashlight creates a cone of yellowish light in front of the user to aid nighttime visibility.

Using the flashlight is kind of tricky. You have to first drag the Alkaline Battery (9V) onto the flashlight and attach it. Then you need to drag the flashlight to your toolbelt or hands. You can then turn it on by equiping it and scrolling to "Turn on" Also can be turned on by Right Clicking the Icon inside the player's inventory and selecting "Turn On". You will notice the flashlight is now aiming to your left side. To aim the flashlight, toggle "aiming mode" by pressing the raise weapon key (default spacebar).

Caution should be employed when using the flashlight as it can easily reveal the player's location to other survivors.

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