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Fishing is the process of catching Fish and is one way to collect cookable food. This will probably be one of the main food sources for people trying to survive in the wild. There are two ways to catch a fish in DayZ Standalone: by using an Improvised Fishing Rod or by using a Small Fish Trap.

How to Fish Using a Fishing Rod[edit | edit source]

To go fishing, you need to be in possession of an Improvised Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait. You can dig up worms for bait, and craft a fishing rod using Ashwood stick, rope and a fishing hook. Currently only Carps can be found in ponds, but Mackerels are currently in development. For every fish you catch, you lose one piece of bait. You'll need a blade to prep the fish you caught, so you can cook them.

  1. Gather an Ashwood Stick and Rope, craft an Improvised Fishing Rod
  2. Find a Fishing hook
  3. Using a Farming Hoe, shovel or knife dig out an Earthworm from the ground in open areas.
  4. Combine the Fishing hook with the Earthworm
  5. Combine the Fishing Bait with the Improvised Fishing Rod
  6. Locate a Pond
  7. Select the "Fish" option while having the Improvised Fishing Rod in your hands
  8. Check the bait on your fishing line until you see a message saying "I sense movement near the bait", then "something is cautiously examining the bait", then in red "a fish has taken the bait!".
  9. Pull out the fish, either a fish will appear on the ground or you missed your chance and it escaped and you have to start again.

There is a small chance of pulling out a pair of Wellies when fishing. This will happen if you recieve the message "I have caught... something".

How to Fish using a Fish Trap[edit | edit source]

Entirely different to the process of using a fishing rod, using a trap to capture fish is a more passive approach to fishing. Once you have crafted a small fish trap, you will need to add earthworms as bait and then set your trap in saltwater. Once you give the trap some time, you will find Sardines inside in place of the bait which can then be skinned to create fillets.

  1. Locate a Waterbottle and use a bladed weapon or bladed tool to craft it into a Small Fish Trap.
  2. Using a Farming Hoe, shovel or knife dig out an Earthworm from the ground in open areas.
  3. Add the Earthworm to the Small Fish Trap.
  4. Place the Small Fish Trap in saltwater. For now, this means these traps will only work in the sea (not ponds, marshes, or rivers).
  5. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the trap to do its work.
  6. Check the trap by re-adding it to your inventory. There should be Sardines inside. If not, return the trap to the water and allow it more time. You may need to re-add Earthworms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fishing mechanic was introduced in version 0.45.124426. Since then, it is possible to get food by fishing.

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