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Crafting is an ability all players can perform in DayZ Standalone in which they may combine or transform one or multiple items to produce a new item or change a state of one.

Crafting can be performed by right clicking an item, or dragging an item over another, in which case a menu will appear showing possible actions. An orange colour around an item being dragged ontop of another indicates that they can be combined in some way.

[edit] Crafting list

  • Ammunition - different amounts of cartridges of the same caliber can be combined into one set with a maximum number of rounds per set to save space. Can be easily reversed.
.45ACP Rounds: Stackable to 40Rnds(rounds)
.357 Rounds: Stackable to 30Rnds
12 Gauge Buckshot/12 Gauge Slug: Stackable to 15Rnds
5.56mm Round: Stackable to 30Rnds (Unless emptied from 30Rnd STANAG (coupled): 60Rnds or 40Rnd 5.56mm CMAG: 40rnds)
7.62mm Round: Stackable to 20Rnds
9mm Rounds: Stackable to 40Rnds
.22 Rounds: Stackable to 50Rnds
7.62x39mm Round(s): Stackable to 20Rnds
  • Shirts, bandanas and some jackets - when not equipped, they can be turned into rags to make splints (along with wooden sticks), along with the main functionality of serving as an improvised bandage. The quantity acquired depends on the size occupied by the item used to make the rags.
  • Magazines - can remove the rounds of a magazine or fill them.
  • Alkaline Battery 9V - can be combined with a Flashlight, Weapon Flashlight, Headtorch, WalkieTalkie or a Defibrillator to be used. It Can also be combined with the M68 CompM2 Optics and T3N RDS Optics although this currently has no purpose due to this feature not being implemented yet and the optics shine normally.
  • Canned goods (See consumables) - can be opened with a Can Opener. Can also be done with sharp objects such as a kitchen knife, screw driver, wrench, fireaxe, etc., resulting in spilling some of the contents of the can.
  • Gas canisters - can be combined with a Portable Gas Lamp to create a large, mobile light source or a Portable Gas Stove which, once set on ground, Cooking Pot may be placed on.
  • Wooden Splint - Used to fix broken legs, can be crafted with wooden sticks and Rags.
  • Map - Pieces of maps can be combined together to form a bigger, or complete, map. (ex: North with South, East with West. West and North will not combine together)

[edit] Crafting recipes

[edit] Guides

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