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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Chernarus
"Black Rus"
Flag of Chernarus
Official LanguageRussian
AreaAbout 120 km²
Populationunknown (Pre-Outbreak)
0 (Post-Outbreak)
Map of Chernarus

Chernarus is a fictional Former-Soviet Republic nation in DayZ Standalone based on the popular Chernarus map from ARMA II. It is infested with mindless zombies and the survivors who aim to prevent succumbing to their attacks. The map of said country in the Standalone is called Chernarus+.


Chernarus history can be even tracked back to the middle ages, shown by the different castles in the area.


Not much is known about Chernarus history before the outbreak beside it being a typical former-soviet republic, that was formed following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Chernarus landscape consisted of mostly rural areas, with few larger cities, with a strong presence of Police Force, Defence Force and probably the Russian Military.

Later, it suffered from a Civil War that left the country in turmoil, forcing it to seek help from NATO.


After the outbreak the local military and civilian defenses were overwhelmed and all inhabitants either fled the country, were turned into zombies or roam the desolated area as survivors.


Chernarus has the typical climate and wildlife of an Eastern European country. To differentiate the map of Chernarus from DayZ Standalone from the one in the DayZ Mod, the former is called Chernarus+.


The country is located in peninsula with the sea on the eastern and southern borders and consists of multiple mountains, valleys and even a few islands.

For a detailed description of the different landmarks see the following articles:


Chernarus has a fairly diverse vegetation with multiple useful plants.


The wildlife consists of former domesticated species and different wild animals.

Politics and Economy[edit]

Chernarus produced multiple natural resources like wood and different mining products, which can be seen in the different industrial areas especially the Lumber Mill in Berezino or the quarry in Solnichniy.


The country has a developed network of roads and streets, but only a few are asphaltic or even two-lane streets.

Chernarus has only one Power Plant, located in Elektrozavodsk. Multiple Power Lines stretch out from it all over Chernarus.

Most rivers are also regulated by different dams.

Towns and Cities[edit]

There are four major coastal towns:

Major towns off the coast include:

There are many more smaller towns, villages, villas, etc. In addition multiple castles can be found.

Police and Military[edit]

Before the outbreak there were multiple Military Bases in Chernarus, but with the zombie outbreak even more temporary Military Camps were founded.

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The most prominent religion was the Eastern Orthodox Church identifiable by the multiple churches in Chernarus.


A map of Chernarus+


  • The geography, roads and major landmarks of Chernarus are modeled after the municipality of Povrly and surrounding areas in the northern Czech Republic. Elektrozavodsk is modeled after Povrly, Solnichniy after Dobkovice, Berezino after Malšovice, and so forth.

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