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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Changelog

Weekly Server Maintenance (Updated February 4, 2014)

As of February 5, 2014 "DayZ will have a weekly maintenance period. Every Wednesday, at 0700 GMT servers will go down for 3 hours." Posted by Brian Hicks @Hicks_206 via Twitter

This changelog displays all of the DayZ Standalone patch notes.

[edit] Experimental Branch

[edit] 0.45.123906

ETA to Stable: No current ETA, dependent on testing results

[edit] Known Issues
  • Severe rubber-banding issue
[edit] New
  • Loot respawn system
[edit] Fixed
  • Melee weapon damage

[edit] Stable Branch

[edit] 0.44.123800


[edit] Known Issues

  • Binoculars not functioning properly in crouch and prone states.
  • Thrown objects moving at a slow frame rate during peak server load
  • Crossbow damage higher than desired
  • Ongoing melee balancing has zombies more resilient to body impacts. (Aim for the head)
  • Accelerated Time falls out of sync after extended uptime (disabled for this update)
[edit] New
  • Actions: Melee attacks added to frying pan and cooking pot
  • Actions: Recipe for bow crafting added
  • Items: Dexterity of shotguns, pistols and rifles configured
  • Items: Tracksuit Jackets and Russian Officer Hat configured and added to loot spawns
  • Items: Binoculars configured and added to loot spawns (known issues above with this item)
  • Items: Implemented Crossbow + bolts.
  • Server: Basic item bullet physics enabled (known issues tied to server performance)
  • Server: New guaranteed messaging system for network traffic
  • Server: New player spawn locations near Klen, Chernaya Polana, Orlovets
  • Server: Accelerated Time implemented for gameservers
  • Systems: 1:1 Mouse control / movement
  • World: New Ash Tree model
  • World: New village "Karmanovka" has been added
[edit] Fixed
  • Actions: Crafting with medical items - splints, blood bags, blood testing
  • Actions: Removed force feed and force drink from epinephrine and morphine
  • Actions: You can no longer turn on flashlight or defibrillator laying on the ground without battery being attached to it
  • Actions: You can no longer empty magazines or ammunition boxes laying on the ground (and loose ammo)
  • Actions: Burlap sack removes from head properly
  • Actions: Apply defibrillator action messages
  • Actions: You can catch rain holding bottle in hand only
  • Actions: moved quantity manipulation and item removal directly into action on self
  • Actions: added config entries to actions for single use food and drinks
  • Actions: Single use food and drink items now adding to player water and energy levels
  • Actions: Injection vial cannot be consumed
  • Actions: Medical items related actions on other player (proper quantity handling)
  • Animations: Player now can wave (F1) when unarmed or holding one-handed item with raised hands.
  • Animations: playing correct footstep sounds for 2handed melee raised run, aimed rifle run
  • Animations: Removed the jerky motion when sometimes equipping a weapon/item, usually at the start of eating/drinking/bandaging
  • Animations: sitting with 2 handed melee should now work properly
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where you would first stand up when pressing crouch in unarmed sitting pose
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where you couldn't sit from unarmed prone directly.
  • Animations: fixed missing rotation animation for unarmed crouched player
  • Animations: Iron sights now use all 3 parameters for min, max and init zoom. Values of these params tweaked.
  • Animations: Player's "naked eye" max zoom level lowered. It allows for the same max zoom as iron sights.
  • Gear: Improvised courier bag and taloon backpack shows their damage state in inspect window
  • Gear: Green bandage stops bleeding
  • Gear: Fruits no longer show 100% label
  • Gear: FNX45 red dot sight optics renamed and now requires 9V battery in order to work
  • Gear: Resolved chambering issue with 22 related to stack quantity
  • Gear: Tablets amount in inventory slot changed from % to pills
  • World: Rocks at Ship Wreck location reworked
  • Zombies: Melee attack bleed chance nerfed
  • Zombies: Damage is dealt to head while kneeling
[edit] Undocumented
  • Items: P1 pistol added
  • Gear: Ash Stick added to spawn.
  • Gear: Pickaxe added to spawn.
  • Gear: Added 1911 Engraved.
  • Gear: Quiver added.

[edit] Previous Versions

[edit] 0.42.116181


[edit] Known Issues
  • Physics: Item throwing physics is currently disabled
  • Melee: Cannot conduct melee attack from "lowered" melee stance (press space to change stance to "raised")
  • Potential Network issues - we will be monitoring the situation, as this appears to be resolved
[edit] New
  • Actions: Vomiting have associated sound effects
  • Actions: Ballistic helmet variants can be painted to black and green color with spraycan
  • Actions: Can check pulse on unconscious players
  • Actions: Searching for berries will now add berries to your inventory
  • Actions: Eat All now supported for consumables
  • Actions: You can catch rain into canteen and water-bottle from inventory
  • Animations: New Ruger 10/22 reload animations
  • Animations: New Ruger MKII Reload animations.
  • Animations: Player now can sit with gun/weapon
  • Animations: Completely new two-handed melee animations. New right-handed poses, moves and attacks for axes, baseball bat, pipewrench, crowbar, fire extinguisher, shovel, farming hoe. "Low" and "Aim" stances *introduced for stand, crouch and prone.
  • Crafting: SKS painting recipe
  • Crafting: You can paint firefighter axe black and green
  • Crafting: Blaze 95 painting recipe
  • Environment: New rock textures
  • Food: Sambucus berry item added
  • Food: Canina berry item added
  • Gear: added black and UN ballistic helmet variants
  • Gear: Sickle added into loot spawns
  • Gear: 1911 engraved version configure added to loot spawns
  • Gear: Can opener can be used as melee weapon
  • Gear: Box of 10 bucks shots added configured and added to loot spawns
  • Gear: Wool Coat red/black/brown/blue/green/grey/check variants added
  • Gear: Green and black variant of SKS
  • Gear: Green and black variant of firefighter axe added
  • Gear: Flat Cap red/black/brown/blue/green/grey/check variants added
  • Gear: Rabbit leg, boar steak and chicken breasts added
  • Gear: Fresh and rotten tomato configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Fresh and rotten potato configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Fresh and rotten Green Bell Pepper configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Canned Peaches configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Tactical bacon configured and spawning on the server
  • Gear: Hard headgear (ballistic, moto, construction and pilot helmets) cannot be wear together with masks
  • Gear: Sporter 22, CR75, Amphibia S, 1911 and respective magazines and ammo (22LR and 9mm) added to spawns
  • Gear: Wool Coats and Flat Caps added to spawns
  • Gear: Farming hoe configured and spawns
  • Gear: Long wooden ash stick
  • Gear: M4 attachment green variants added
  • Graphics: Adding lights to currently rendered scene changed
  • Graphics: Lighting from objects now is rendered during daytime also
  • Graphics: HDR improved and tweaked slightly to perform better with bright lights in scene (i.e. flashlights etc...)
  • Graphics: Engine supported point source light objects (e.g. Gaslamp) now working correctly
  • Map: Olsha has been updated
  • Map: Khelm has been updated
  • Map: New rock formations outside Svetlo have been created
  • Map: New Orthodox Chapel has been created
  • Map: Police Stations & Medical Centers have been placed across the map
  • Map: Village pub configured for spawning loot
  • Map: New villages surrounding Svetlo
  • Map: Chernaya Polana town + surroundings added
  • Map: Signs for "Chernaya Polana" added
  • Medical: Players can have a heart attack (declared as "irregular pulse" with pulse checking actions)
  • Weather: Rain, Clouds, Wind, calculated on server and distributed to clients
  • Weather: Rain now causes items and player to become wet
  • Zombies: Simple respawn mechanic implemented for zombies, pending more robust method
[edit] Fixed
  • Actions: Added 'inUseItem' back to action on target function
  • Actions: Proper nutritional value will be added when eating near empty food
  • Actions: Berry picking script messages to player improved.
  • Actions: Removed duplicate option for crafting splint in action menu
  • Actions: Fixed force drink message for action with waterbottle
  • Actions: Eat all rice animation length modified
  • Actions: Force feeding action now depletes right amount of food/drinks
  • Actions: Water Bottle stays in hands after force drinking
  • Actions: Eating cereals won't leave you with 0% box in your inventory anymore
  • Actions: Fluids deplete properly after force drinking action
  • Actions: Removed force feed action for disinfectant and alcohol tincture
  • Actions: Crafting splint from bandages now uses whole disposable bandage and half of dressing bandage
  • Actions: Ruined rags/bandages and wooden sticks doesn't produce infinite splints
  • Actions: Clicking on Eat All action if amount of food is below 1/4 will result in playing only short eating animation
  • Actions: Edited player messages in force drink action and fixing broken limbs
  • Actions: Force feed/drink doesn't use whole quantity of some food/drink items also canteen is not destroyed after action
  • Actions: Player message for drinking from well
  • Animations: Bandage and eating pills animation glitch fixed.
  • Animations: Holding animations of various weapon magazines correctly linked
  • Animations: Player can now be properly knocked out while in water.
  • Animations: New M4A1 reload animations.
  • Animations: Various glitches when moving / changing stances fixed.
  • Animations: Rolling left/right while zoomed in sights makes player zoom out for the duration of the roll.
  • Animations: Evade animations in prone (Q and E) are faster now.
  • Audio: Subsonic projectiles no longer emit supersonic crack
  • Balance: Buffed damage of 762x39, 9mm, .22LR. Slightly nerfed shotgun pellets
  • Gear: Added color variants of ballistic helmets into loot spawns
  • Gear: Purification tablets package contains ten tablets now. Cholera removing functionality added.
  • Gear: Painted SKS chambering
  • Gear: Even lower chance of backpacks spawning on construction sites
  • Gear: Changed inventory view of pitchfork
  • Gear: Removed quantity value from burlap sack tooltip
  • Gear: Display name for t-shirts with stripes
  • Graphics: SSAO in options saved
  • Graphics: Rain effect settings changed
  • Graphics: Rain geometry optimized (28 bytes vs 12 bytes per vertex)
  • Graphics: Spot light culling fixed
  • Graphics: Fix of terrain intersections
  • Graphics: Fix of geometry trace for flares
  • Graphics: Rain now does not fall inside buildings for those on Lower/Disabled shadow settings
  • Login: Failure during new character creation could cause player to get stuck as unconscious
  • Map: Optimizations for Svetlo performance
  • Map: Forests surrounding Svetlo bugfixes
  • Medical: Would never actually die from zero health or blood due to medical conditions
  • Medical: Epi-pens will now wake anyone (briefly) from unconsciousness even if blood very low
  • Medical: Defibrillator used for restarting the heart of players who have a heart attack
  • Medical: Unconsciousness had irregular and unpredictable behavior (epi-pens will now always wake an unconscious player, unless they are having a heart attack)
  • Medical: Melee damage application system changed to better balance
  • Medical: Chance of bleeding from fists reduced significantly
  • Medical: Arm and leg ache messages fixed
  • Medical: Disconnected players avatars did not take shock or blood damage
  • Medical: Falling from height while sprinting did not kill player when it should have
  • Medical: Player could vault with broken legs
  • Network: Dropped items appeared only after a delay (now instant)
  • Network: Inventory items causing desync due to non-guaranteed update spam (hotfix currently until guaranteed message change is complete)
  • Network: Optimizations to network messaging updates should result in reduced bandwidth and some increases in FPS for clients/server
  • Structures: Changed inheritance of barrier structures (due to errors in logs)
  • Structures: Item disappearing when dropped from inventory on stairs or near walls
  • Weapons: Long-range scope reticle properly centered
  • Zombies: Zombies aims mostly for chest area now when attacking (stops the "helmet of armor" change)
[edit] Undocumented
  • Actions: Added force drink action for Disinfectant Spray and Alcohol Tincture 1
  • Actions: Added right click option on containers to view contents in the left inventory window.
  • Gear: Boonie Hat added to spawns
  • Gear: Green and black variant of B95
  • Gear: Added new textures for Canned Beans and Canned Spaghetti
  • Map: Added new player spawns
  • Map: New Saloon style Village pub has been created (Confirmed to be in one of the new villages around Svetlo.)

[edit] 0.35.115188


This update was released to Stable as part of our weekly scheduled maintenance. This hotfix is aimed at fixing a GPU memory leak, that a large amount of players were experiencing. This was causing low framerate and crashing for some players.

[edit] Fixed
  • Hotfix for the GPU Memory leak leading to low FPS

[edit] 0.34.115106


This update was released to Stable as a critical update outside of our scheduled maintenance period. This was because of a serious issue with the connection logic that could trap some players in the "dead" state. There was also a critical bug with looting other players inventory. These have been fixed.

[edit] Known Issues
  • Animations: Right hand twitches during pointing, character twitches once when middle finger is activated/deactivated
  • Actions: If player puts burlap sack from his head to ground his vision stays black
[edit] New
  • Animations: Ruger 10/22 hand pose
  • Animations: It is now possible to blend directly between various gesticulation states (pointing,finger,greeting...)
  • Crafting: Can repair clothes, weapons, and items using specialist items (such as sewing kit)
  • Gear: Configured sewing kit and its recipes
  • Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
  • Gear: Added Cowboy hats to the loot spawns (multiple colors)
  • Gear: Added Sewing kit to the loot spawns
  • Gear: Added B95 and 762 speedloader to loot spawns
  • Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
  • Gear: Added durable leather jacket to loot spawns
  • Gestures: Thumbs Up gesture added with default F7 key binding
  • Server: Optimization of synchronization of textures/materials (minor improvement to server FPS)
  • Systems: Falling now causes dynamic damage (roughly, fall of >5m break legs depending on equipment, >15m probably death)
[edit] Fixed
  • Actions: Could not cover another players head with a burlap sack
  • Actions: No longer spawns clones of sack after Remove Head Cover action
  • Actions: Removing Head Cover (burlap sack) while inventory is full won't leave you blind and without burlap sack anymore
  • Art: Duplicate geometry in lower resolution LODs of flannel shirt resulted in visual bug at distance.
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where the player would stay zoomed-in in sights for reload while aiming in prone
  • Animations: Player should now be force-disarmed when clapping while holding a single-handed weapon.
  • Animations: Pointing and clapping now works even when initiated from aimed states
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where the left hand would stay glued to the FNX45 for aimed prone reload
  • Animations: Default rifle aim stance (stand and crouch) slightly changed to better fit different guns
  • Animations: Twitches on right hand fixed when holding an item while middle finger and pointing.
  • Crafting: Cannot combine ruined stacked objects (such as ammo, rags)
  • Crafting: Cannot chamber/load magazine with ruined ammunition
  • Crafting: Motorbike helmet visors didn't retain their type when spray-painting the helmet
  • Crash: Game Crash when using FLUSH command
  • Crash: Out of bounds crash when no sounds defined
  • Inventory: Loot would stay on dead character after it is picked up, causing teleporting loot and general chaos
  • Medical: Cleaning wounds with alcohol tincture doesn't add last stage of infected wounds
  • Medical: Vomiting/Stuffed was completely broken. Now simplified and streamlined
  • Melee: Short melee weapons do damage now (hammer, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw)
  • Spawns: Lowered probability of Weapon cleaning kit spawns
  • Systems: Healing system was double processing for blood regeneration
  • Systems: Notifier messages were not being cleared/reset on within-state changes
  • Systems: Players position was not saving on disconnect
  • Systems: Players could get continually stuck in a dead character during load from central server
  • Systems: Players would not receive any falling damage
  • Systems: Disconnecting dead player would delete the body after ~30 seconds
  • Systems: Damage was being equally applied to all objects inside inventory slot when shot/damaged (now items reduce the damage when they take damage)
  • Systems: Notifier gets stuck on "stuffed"
  • Weapons: Ballistic parameters of all projectiles tweaked for more realism (special thanks to Gews for his great analysis on weapon characteristics)

[edit] 0.33.114926


This build continues with small bugfixes and several engine changes. A late addition of a significant change to the server variable processing has provided us a major performance boost on the server of around 5-10 FPS. This helps with a great deal of issues and results in a much smoother game experience from players even on a smooth server. Once several more of these optimizations are made it will allow us to increase player/zombie numbers and enable loot and zombie respawning.

[edit] Known Issues
  • Spawns: Loot is not spawning in military tents
  • Spawns: Some structures in Svetlo currently do not spawn loot
  • Server: Servers under load can delay actions from the client
  • Graphics: Only 4 dynamic light sources will be rendered at one time currently
  • Actions: Looting a dead body may make a ghost clone copy of the inventory
[edit] New
  • Actions: chambering SKS round from pile, loading 10 rounds from pile
  • Actions: You can uncuff other players with the hacksaw
  • Actions: Cannot use an item (e.g. drink/eat) if it is "Ruined"
  • Actions: Interactions with items reworked. Drinking/Eating/etc... more robust and user*friendly
  • Actions: Restrained players cannot use inventory or action menu
  • Animations: Player now can take and hide rifle in crouched run
  • Animations: SKS reload animations
  • Animations: firing weapon when sprinting will transition player into the aimed run(with some temporary limitations)
  • Crafting: FNX45 pistol can be chambered with single round
  • Crafting: Opening cans with combat knife added
  • Crafting: Opening cans with machete added
  • Crafting: Painting Motorbike Helmets to Black and Green
  • Crafting: Waterbottles and canteens now allow pouring water between them
  • Effects: Magnum revolver ejecting shells when reloading
  • Effects: Magnum revolver sounds * gunshots, reloading
  • Effects: Mosin ejecting shells when cycling
  • Effects: New Mosin sounds * gunshots, cycling, reloading
  • Gear: Improvised courier backpack added
  • Gear: Machete added
  • Gear: Hard hats added in various colors
  • Gear: Motorcycle Helmets have black visor variants
  • Gear: Small, uncomfortable, and silly (but cute) children's school backpack
  • Gestures: Clapping Gesture added, default F5 key
  • Gestures: Pointing Gesture added, default F6 key
  • Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly
  • Login: Players receive a login timeout when disconnect, increased if disconnect within 30 minutes of joining (max 5 minutes)
  • Login: When players logout, their avatar sits on ground for 30 seconds. Players must make sure they logout somewhere safe
  • Server: Player spawns now cached by engine directly, increasing performance
  • Server: Optimized synchronization and transfer of variables within and outgoing from server (significant performance increase on server, of 5*10 FPS)
  • Spawns: Added Bubble goose jackets into the loot spawns
  • Spawns: Added SKS rifle, speedloader, ammunition piles and boxes and SKS bayonet into the loot spawns
  • Spawns: Healthcare Center now spawns loot
  • Spawns: .45acp box of 25rnds added to loot spawns
  • Spawns: Police stations now spawn loot
  • Systems: Hunger and Thirst slightly modified.
  • Systems: Notifications added to UI for hydration and high energy
  • Systems: Fractures can now occur due to melee and shot damage, not just environmental
  • Systems: Fractures (arms/legs) now saved and loaded correctly from database
  • Translations: Added strings for all consumable items (Gas canisters, Batteries etc) and container items (First aid kit etc) for English, with some Spanish and Russian
  • Zombies: Different types of Military zombies now have tougher attack values and improved durability
  • Zombies: Engine dynamic obstacle checking (zombie, another player)
  • Zombies: Svetlojarsk zombie spawns added
[edit] Fixed
  • Actions: morphine injection can be used on other player effectively fixing his broken legs and item correctly positioned in hands
  • Actions: Keys won't disappear after uncuffing
  • Actions: loading ammo works for sprayed Mosin variants
  • Actions: Read/Writing notes with paper and pen now works again
  • Actions: reviving with epinephrine or defibrillator works also if player blood is below 500 units of blood
  • Actions: Actions on another player no longer have an unlimited distance (max 2 meters)
  • Art: Bug allowing players to clip through geometry of the police station building.
  • Animations: fixed an issue where reload in prone would leave some residue sound clutter at the end of the reload animation
  • Animations: Weapon reloading for magazine was not working properly when no magazine fitted
  • Animations: Rifle Aimed Walk Updated, diagonal animations fixed
  • Animations: Sidestepping through doorway with rifle while crouching should not cause the player to get stuck now
  • Animations: knocking down player now possible in prone states, (possibly fixing the issue with frozen characters)
  • Animations: changed animation for equipping the compass
  • Animations: Proper animation played when taking pistol in run
  • Animations: Changing stances is faster now both for armed and unarmed player
  • Animations: Skinning problem with armored zombies that caused the model to warp during some animations
  • Animations: Standing with aimed weapon now allows for higher angle of tilt/bend
  • Animations: Mosin bolt animation after each shot updated to match hand animation
  • Animations: Removed footstep sound from pointing animations
  • Animations: Pointing gesticulation now possible even when holding 2 handed weapons
  • Animations: Clapping now possible to initiate while holding 2 handed weapons
  • Config: Berries have more nutrition now
  • Crafting: You can no longer saw off sawed off shotgun
  • Crafting: Can spraypaint M4 to green or black
  • Crafting: Damage is now transferred when items are painted
  • Crafting: Improved Backpack creation only possible when Courier Bag is empty (previously items accidentally deleted)
  • Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit can't be used when it's "Ruined" and won't reduce condition of a gun
  • Crafting: Spraypainting an M4 won't delete your carry handle
  • Crafting: Guns are no longer placed on ground while being painted (if not nescessary)
  • Crafting: You won't loose attached universal weapon flashlight after M4 painting
  • Items won't longer appear on ground after unsuccessful force feeding/drinking/fibrillating/handcuffing and won't loose quantity
  • Effects: Dazed effect plays again when a player is hit/damaged/shot
  • Effects: Some effects were not active locally when a player was restrained
  • Effects: gunshot sound of Magnum reverted to original one
  • Fixed: Missing texture error dz\weapons\data\weapons_damage_metal_smdi.paa
  • Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models
  • Gear: Spraycans won't deplete after relogging
  • Gear: Book, radio, pot, pan, gas canisters, matchbox, paper, firewood and stone can be placed in hands
  • Gear: Headlamp beam raised slightly
  • Gear: Painted items now retain their previous quantities (i.e. Magazine ammo won't reset)
  • Gear: Various item descriptions and notifications fixed for grammar, typos, more detail
  • Gear: ZSh*3 Pilot helmet fixed and updated
  • Gear: Hoxton and Dallas masks where displayed in center of character, now display on face
  • Gear: Splint position in hand was wrong now corrected
  • Gestures: Taunt defaults correctly to F4 key
  • Graphics: "god rays" could cause overloaded post*processing and graphical corruption
  • Graphics: fix of removing shining object from hand (switch off)
  • Graphics: Roads have per pixel lights
  • Graphics: Dynamic lights should be now defined with "radius" value which is maximum radius of light in meters
  • Graphics: Tooltips are now not displayed for quickbar items, as it is a reference to type not specific item
  • Login: Respawn button now works correctly
  • Login: Various bugs fixed associated with connection errors that could cause a character to be deleted or killed by the server
  • Spawns: Lowered chance of Taloon and Mountain backpacks spawning
  • Spawns: Drastically lowered chance of backpacks spawning on the construction site
  • Spawns: Loot spawn tweaks in some civilian structures
  • Weapons: Mosin recoil increased
  • Weapons: Sawed*off shotgun can be loaded with ammo (was broken due to changed inheritance)
  • Weapons: Sawed*off shotgun: reduced size in inventory, reduced spread
  • Weapons: It is no longer possible to attach longrange scope onto SKS
  • Weapons: M4 carry handle can now be attached to painted variants of M4
  • Weapons * fixed error in config of shotgun snaploader causing low velocitiy and damage
  • Zombies: Better filter/check of attack hits directly in engine
  • Zombies: Military zombies made tougher
[edit] Hotfixed
  • Crash: Irregular crash of server in corpse garbage collector consequence of this is that the bodies will not disappear if other player is in vicinity
  • Crash: Creating item using recipe system caused serious server crash when not enough space in inventory
  • Crash: Client crash on exit, all systems 100% reproduction
  • System: Previous build caused overzealous starvation to occur

[edit] 0.32.114557


[edit] Known Issues
  • Corpse cleanup causes server crash during forced server restart
  • Spray Painting a magazine while on weapon, creates fake (unusable) copy in inventory
[edit] New
  • UI: Editable character name in main menu
  • UI: Hive, mode and time columns in server browser
  • Database: Support for sub hives. (Sub-private, Hardcore/Regular public)
  • Security: Signature verification against PBOs
  • Loot: Added shotgun speedloader into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added box of 20 pieces .357 Rounds into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added color variants of all shoes into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added Hiking pants (both long and short ones) and Canvas pants including their color variants into loot spawns
  • Loot: Added Hacksaw into the loot spawns
  • Loot: Added shotgun into loot spawns...
  • Action: Players can now collect Berries as food
  • Crafting: Players can create sawed-off shotgun from shotgun
  • Crafting: Players can opening cans with a hacksaw
  • Crafting: Painting Mosin with Spraypaint now supported
  • Loot: Added spraypaint can into loot spawns
  • Map: Coastal harbor town of Svetloyarsk (and surrounding areas)
  • Animation: More direct transitions for aimed weapon(prone to stand/kneel and back)
  • Animation: Surrender now disarms player for single handed items
  • Loot: Pipsi, NotaCola, Spite and Rasputin Kvass drinks
  • Action: Burlap Sack can be placed on head of self or target
  • Action: Burlap sack causes black screen and reduced sound when worn on head
  • Performance: Server Performance improvements
  • Zombies: Six new zombie soldier types
  • Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit used for keeping your guns in good shape
  • Loot: Shotgun snap-loader for fast reloads
  • Crafting: Player can spraypaint MP handguard and buttstock
  • Crafting: Support for "add paint" or "repaint" for spraypainting
  • Crafting: Player can spraypaint CMAG magazines
[edit] Fixed
  • Niosh mask (Respirator) Inventory size fixed to 1/1 slot.
  • Missing strings for BE popup for alternate languages, set to English while translations are being done.
  • Reduced dispersion of FNX45 (frFicheknom 0.05 to 0.03)
  • Balanced stomach capacity,
  • Added stuffed notifier (instead of sickness when full up)
  • Eating and drinking animations properly set for tablets/disinfectants
  • Version number in server browser and details
  • Saline transfusion doesn't refill full blood
  • Charcoal and tetracycline tablets won't give sick badge if you aren't actually sick
  • Player aim run speed updated, weapon position changed and improved for first person view
  • Glitches on right hand while moving and while giving taunt fixed
  • Players can't pile backpacks inside of another backpacks, backpack-inception style. You can only put one backpack inside of another backpack if the backpack that is being put inside is empty.
  • Magnum speedloader should be spawning now
  • Number of backpacks spawning lowered
  • Number of .357 Pythons spawning lowered.
  • Number of M4A1s spawning lowered
  • Dead character cleanup performed at 10 minutes past death
  • Removed scripted server teleporting check as now managed by engine
  • Sea ambient sound is now slightly quieter
  • Animation: Fixed misc issues with vaulting
  • Animation: Fixed getting on the ladder from kneel for the armed player
  • Animation: Fixed animation speed for unarmed player in main menu
  • Animation: Fixed an issue with changing weapon while aiming in kneel
  • Animation: Fixed an issue with rotation while aiming in prone
  • Headtorch color descriptions fixed
  • Jeans descriptions (color) fixed
  • Cargo pants description fixed (color)
  • Chest Holster description added
  • Using an item in your hand no longer goes out of hand once action done
  • Using an item while something else in your hand will go back to that item once action done
  • Security issue with IGUI variable compiling
  • Situation where player used item on other players inventory causing neverending looped item check
  • Weapons now display tooltips
  • Players can now be revived with the defibrillator
  • Clipping on right hand when holding an item and pressing F1 (Greeting).
  • Map_ChernarusSW description fixed
  • SKS rifle description added

[edit] 0.30.114008


[edit] Fixed
  • Server: Dedicated Server crash related to memory cleanup
  • Server: Player location rubberbanding
  • Critical Security Vulnerability fixes

Note: This is a hotfix to address several key issues, and thus is focused on specifically those issues.

[edit] 0.30.113953


[edit] New
  • Design: Balancing of player spawns (ongoing)
  • Server: Dead player cleanup (time based)
  • Design: M9130 Bayonet can now open cans
  • Server: BattlEye Anti-Cheat (Client as well)
  • Server: Initial implementation for Sub-Private Hives (ongoing)
  • Server: Initial implementation for regular & hardcore Public Hive
[edit] Fixed
  • Server: Dedicated Server crash related to player skeleton
  • Server: Player location rubberbanding (ongoing)
  • Server: Large delay in item manipulation and "inventory tetris"

[edit] 0.30.113925


[edit] New
  • Design: Balancing of player spawns (ongoing)
  • Server: Enhanced Server-side security & customization options
  • Design: .357 Magnum Speedloader should now spawn
  • Server: First Person only servers are now supported (Seperate Hive coming later on)
[edit] Fixed
  • Design: Player corpses should no longer despawn upon disconnect
  • Server: Respawning should now function properly - in some cases you may have to wait a few seconds. (during high death/respawn times)
  • Design: 357 Magnum spawning fixed

[edit] 0.30.113860


[edit] New
  • Config: added anim hooks for zombie feeding(should allow for zombie to deal damage to unconscious players)
  • Config: greeting with 2 handed weapon now possible without disarming
  • UI: Inspect option in the inventory screen (shows item in 3D, draft system only)
  • Engine: Servers with incompatible version marked in the server browser
  • Engine: The „Player uses modified data“ message is removed from CHAT
  • Design: you can craft splint and fix broken limbs with it
  • Design: players who disconnect when unconscious will die
  • Design: players who disconnect when restrained will die
  • New weapon: Magnum .357 Revolver + ammo (Actual weapon in later patch)
[edit] Fixed
  • Config: removed a small delay before the animation for un-shouldering a weapon starts playing when changing weapons (kneel and prone)
  • Config: fix a minor issue with one handed items not being correctly placed in right hand for a surrender transition
  • Config: m4 bolt and magazine animation improved
  • Config: adjusted collision shape for armed player(should fix occasional issues going up stairs)
  • Config: fixed an issue where unshouldering/shouldering weapon while moving forward caused the player to stop
  • Animations: Sprint updated (Unarmed) - Unarmed sprint faster now
  • Animations: Mosin Nagant Reload - Hand doesn't clip into scope when opening and closing bolt after each shot, weapon more stable now
  • UI: Early Access warning dialogue
  • Engine: Fix of players being able to talk globally when dead through Direct Chat
  • Design: damage is transferred from closed can to open one
  • Design: licking a battery now displays the battery's state properly
  • Design: wooden sticks model fits inventory slots better now
  • Crash: Occurs when pushing details twice on MP server browser
  • Engine: Updated rain texture with refraction
  • Design: Player blood and health not regenerating naturally

[edit] 0.29.113822


[edit] Fixed
  • Animation transitions - Restrained, Prone Rifle
  • Greetings - Hand Position adjusted
  • Fixed several floating loot issues in buildings without floor geometry
  • fix for force feed/drink/consume medicine other players
  • sharp objects open food cans (not working previously)
  • disabled reloading animation after mosin shot as it was preventing seeing fall of shot (temporary until new anim)
  • Various 'critical' security updates
  • Improved the visual quality of rain
[edit] New
  • 357 Magnum animations implemented (magnum not yet enabled)
  • you can measure whether is a battery fully charged, half charged or empty by licking it (not working, delayed until next build)

[edit] 0.28.113772


[edit] Fixed
  • Drinking directly from wells now works
  • headwear descriptions updated
  • pants descriptions updated
  • increased battery drain by flashlight
  • bandaging cannot fix broken leg now
  • server browser shows internet tab as selected out of the box
  • fixed modifier messages, one message type per stage
  • Workshop: lowered moto helmets spawn probability. removed old proxies, replaced with memory points
  • Reduced level at which player becomes permanently unconscious
  • Increased rate players recover from shock damage
  • Internet set to default tab for multiplayer server browsing
  • improved responsiveness when side-stepping from left to right/right to left
  • disabled head movement for unconscious states
  • adjusted head bob for select animations
  • Various security related measures
  • Tweaked the tenement buildings (small and big) for spawns on the roof
  • improved transitions for restrained player
  • Removed old proxies and replaced them with memory points and new loot spawn in sheds
  • enabled step blending with raised rifle for better responsiveness
  • Roadway LOD issue fixed that caused floating loot for some buildings
[edit] New
  • Temporary status indicators for state of player in the inventory screen (thirsty, sickness, hunger, etc...)
  • force feed other players
  • Rain updated - it should better correspond with the rest of scene by adding the refraction effect
  • New variations for main menu (Unarmed) added
  • Greeting animations for all stances to be replaced (Now with left hand to avoid issues when holding items)
  • Magnum hand IK
  • Opening cans with sharp tools
  • Dot crosshair
  • Damaging knife, screwdriver and bayonet used for opening cans
  • Loot array (with respective type of meat) added to animals configs and new types of meat added to food configs (ANIMALS DISABLED)
[edit] Central Server
  • fixed performance issues on character creation and saving
  • fixed character creation record override
  • increased server response time and performance

[edit] 0.28.113734 (Initial release)


  • This is the initial release version of the DayZ Standalone Alpha.