Transit Bus

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Transit Bus
Category Vehicles > Buses
Seats 19
Capacity 7x15
Top Speed 68 km/h
Noise Extremely Loud
Fuel Tank 120 L
Locations Chernarus Cities and Towns
Rarity unknown
Variants Blue

Transit Bus, or 'party bus' is a vehicle in DayZ Standalone. Some players may use this to provide transportation between the cities of Chernarus.

Vehicle Parts[edit | edit source]

The following parts are necessary to get the Transit Bus operational, as of v0.60:

The following parts are optional, but recommended for the safety of vehicle occupants:

Player Observations[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Parts[edit | edit source]

The transit bus needs a truck battery which you can mount without tools, but dismounting requires a wrench. A bus will still run with a ruined battery and/or ruined glow plug, if it was installed in a better condition. The doors and hood of the bus currently don't spawn, but players and zombies cannot enter the bus except with the "f" functions even without doors.

The transit bus' wheels are extremely prone to damage from crashing. If you e.g. ram a lantern at full speed, both front tires will be ruined which you then need to replace with new ones. You can mount tires without a tool, but you need a lug wrench to dismount them. Also tire repair kits really come in handy. Double tires can be split with a crowbar but single tires cannot be merged into a double wheel. Watch out while splitting double wheels, they tend to start rolling around so only split them in a safe area.

Refueling[edit | edit source]

You can refuel the transit bus via the fuel cap on the right rear of the bus. With a full tank you can drive around the map approximately two times. Refuel it with a gasoline canister or anything else that contains gasoline.

Driving[edit | edit source]

Driving the bus is really comfortable, because it turns in a nice way, drives very stable if all tires are damaged or better and accelerates slow but steady. Try to use roads as often as possible, it looses traction on grass and small forest roads, so you can't go uphill. That also means, once you dropped in a riverbed or something like that, it's really hard to get out. The bus has four forward gears, one neutral position, and a reverse gear.

Engine[edit | edit source]

There is no way to check if the bus engine is in good condition. If the bus accelerates much slower then before or is not able to manage even the smallest slope, it's possible that your engine is broken. This may be caused by a crash or a glitch. You can't fix this yourself, but a server restart will, this also applies to a flipped vehicle.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

as of version 0.59.131121

  • Changing tires may move the bus and kill you
  • When stuck, placing a barrel under the bus and starting the motor, sometimes moves it so you can start driving.
  • One person can't move it and glitches around, while another person may be able to normally operate it
  • Zombies won't be killed by a collision, players will.
  • Sometimes, tires appear to be missing, but they aren’t, a relog will fix this.
  • If you can't move items in the inventory, it is probably full, but isn't displayed correctly. A relog fixes this.
  • The bus may be resetted after being flipped on its roof.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ikarus is a bus manufacturer based in Budapest, Hungary. It was established in 1895 as Uhri Imre Kovács- és Kocsigyártó Üzeme (roughly: “Imre Uhri’s Blacksmith Workshop and Coach Factory”)
  • Transit Bus is modeled after real-life Ikarus 260.01 or Ikarus 260.30M.

Gallery[edit | edit source]