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This page covers the Standalone version of DayZ. For information on the Mod see Mod:Backpack

Hunting Backpack.png
CategoryEquipment > Backpacks
Size25 Slots (5x5)
CapacityFrom 8 Slots (Smersh Backpack) to 35 Slots (Mountain Backpack)
Location(s)Residential/Civilian, Industrial, General Military

"Standard Chernarusian hunting backpack with closable pockets. Very durable and comfortable if a little old-fashioned."
— In-game description

These are used as a means of storing larger sized and quantity items as part of a player's inventory in addition to Clothing slots. This may allow a player greater storage capacity and may thus improve his chances of survival.

Backpacks also have damage states and due to this property, it and all items inside may also be damaged. Damage states however, do not affect the container's ability to store items. As with most items, any items inside the backpack must be held by the character in order to be used.

Comparison Table[edit]

Backpack Capacity
Smersh Backpack 8 Slots (4x2)
Child Briefcase 12 Slots (4x3)
Improvised Courier Bag 12 Slots (3x4)
Leather Courier Bag 16 Slots (4x4)
Improvised Backpack 20 Slots (4x5)
Leather sack 20 Slots (4x5)
Improvised Leather Backpack 25 Slots (5x5)
Taloon Backpack 25 Slots (5x5)
Hunting Backpack 30 Slots (5x6)
Mountain Backpack 35 Slots (5x7)

List of available Backpacks[edit]

Sorted by smallest to biggest capacity, reading left-right.