A Beginners Guide

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A Beginners' Guide

DayZ Standalone beginners guide.[edit | edit source]

Before we begin there is one important thing in DayZ we need to talk about and that is DEATH.[edit | edit source]
Yes as you already may have found out, death in this game is permanent that means once you die you loose ALL your equipment and have to start all over again. Some say it's rubbish, and that it needs to be changed! Only I know is that its COOL. Why? You may ask. Well its rather simple. I tried long list of MMO games over the years and what I found out is that most of them are !BORING! for only simple reason you cannot die. Well technically you can but practically you just re-spawn with some minor penalisation and hooray to carry on. In DayZ when you die you are DEAD this means you are on alert all the time you play because death can come from anywhere. You are constantly living in fear of death because that will mean all the items and clothing you have gathered over those hours of game play will be gone, or worse, looted by one of the other players. So I have this little guide to help you to survive, get equipped and most of all STAY ALIVE!

1. First Steps[edit | edit source]

You wake up on random spot on the map, usually near the East coast, but sometime you may spawn in the North near Novodmitrovsk or in the South near Chernogorsk. On your character you have only jeans with 4 slots,a t-shirt and running shoes. In your inventory you will find a Rag and Road Flare. Of these two items, the Road Flare is only useful at night, so unless it appears to be evening/night, you can safely throw the Road Flare away to free up an extra inventory slot for early scavenging.

The first thing to do when spawning in is check your surroundings for any threat of Zed (zombies) or other players. If you stumble upon either of these be very cautious as you do not have any other weapons other than your fists. To raise your fists in case of emergency press the space bar (default) and click your left mouse button to swing your fists. Best aim for the head!

Your best option when first spawning in is to find the nearest village, town, or city to find food as you are already hungry, and keep an eye for players and Zeds!

2. Scavenge/Hunt[edit | edit source]

When first spawning in, search any village or town you come across. Loot is everywhere in most if not all buildings in stable 0.50. A main objective once spawning in could be to get to a bigger settlement (town or city) for loot. To do so you can simple follow a coastline (it does not matter which direction) and you should come across a town or a city.

On your way don't be afraid to stop and search any house or village that looks rather empty and safe. Look for canned foods, fresh fruit of any type and types of drinks. What is most important is to look for any clothes for warmth, backpacks so you can boost your inventory space, or a weapon to defend yourself. It may be a good idea to look for clothes that have neutral color such as beige, brown, green or black, while not a necessity, it may help your chances of survival. As this game is based on ARMA 2 engine what you wear will determine how visible you are.

In little villages you can find some basic weapons/tools such as baseball bats, hammers, screwdrivers, knives, etc. They are largely ineffective against zombies and to kill other players with them is very difficult. However, if you are lucky you can find an axe. There are two variants of the axe, a standard wooden handled Splitting Axe and a one-hit Fireighter Axe. Of the two, the latter is far better. The fire-fighter axe will be able to put any regular civilian zombie down in one blow, whereas military zombies will take two. All zombies will die in one hit if you hit them in the head.

3. Zombie Encounter[edit | edit source]

Sooner or later you will meet a Zed (Zombie, Z, zomboid, walking dead, dead living, etc.) These buggers are fast and agile, but you can outrun them. Don't let your guard down though! However, once they loose sight of you they may give up. As this is an Pre-ALPHA version of the game so it's full of bugs. The main bug is sometimes the Zeds can hit you through walls if you are on an upper story of a building when they are trapped outside. As the latest iteration of stable build (0.50) zombies can come up stairs and follow you. There are certain "tracks" that zombies will follow to get to you, so they cannot go through doors in most instances. It has been found to be easier to just blaze run in to villages and loot. Quick search houses and just run by all Zeds you meet. This will prove more than effective at the beginning of your journey.

4. Player Encounter[edit | edit source]

You WILL encounter other survivors (players) and you will need to know some things about them. 1: Almost all players are bandits. Bandits are players who kill players with no regards of other's lives. They will kill on sight and are greedy. 2: Remain away from contact unless you have a weapon. 'nuff said. 3: The players are scared of you just as you are scared of them. Other players will not know you, or how you act. Use this to your advantage.

In the mean time, check out Tips for Getting Started

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the current 0.59 you begin with a rag and a flare. Keep the rag until you need the room. It can be used as a bandage or combined with a stick to make a splint.